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Never seen anyone run wood through a router like that without a sacrificial piece of wood pushed behind to prevent tear out like that.Great job Shaun!Very misleading video title.Tal is chess player, others are amateurs.Loved the creativity with the hoodie.You shouldn't have put the thermite in a can, that's what caused the energy to be dispersed upwards.

I was about to buy a hp because it is well known.They're just trash talking each other, Robert is a very talented junior that plays for the San Diego Surfers.Endgame puzzles aren't as hard as middle-game puzzles, for me anyway.That circle wing plane looks like Gatlantis Devastators!Stainless on the other hand.3:06:50 That flying bishop tactic looks good.I build guitars.If they want to act like children they don't need to be in a tournament.10:10 what animal is this?

Can any one tell I started recently playing chess can someone tell what to do to be a fast player and what are tricks and format of game to follow for playing quickly and become fast ?Instead, get a little smirk on your face and try to look like you did something very clever and subtle, and your opponent fell for it.Although I did correctly solve the second hard puzzle ).Muchas gracias.Where did they even find a violin without a bridgeeee?How do you run your code.

Thank you Peter!Amazing wood working video, a little tip tho When you make something, always make at least two so you can either give one away or sell the other one.:-) :-)Can we have some more bullet videos plz?Throwing shit at Amand.In the end game if white rook check the black king at the first while its 4 step closer to the white pawn he is winthe black king closer to the rook but he will never eat the rook because he continues the white pawn for the queen so black rook really needseat the Queensohe is less rook so its very easy to win.That said, you should change your wp-admin address, that is an security vunerability.

Baby can you

Baby can you

Because they know P and Romeo speaking facts but breakfast clubknow they working for the higher power.I'd have serious questions about where this messaging is coming from, and just whom it benefits.Problems aren't solved because of lack of funding.As someone else said, this would be absolutely fantastic in a kids hospital or childcare centre.The game is fun again!

I can see hands

I can see hands

What amazing confidence black shows in his calculations!I wanna be rapstar.It's probable that Marie never actually said "let them eat cake".Keep creating and sharing with us!I think camera should be little up.Thanks for all the tips!Anybody have the dimensions.

Azar is a professional in the way he handles Lou.Am I the only one that the laptop is 300$ now?Lol man I could really talk to for hours on end whether it’s about hip hop all the up to recover this March tenth I’ll have 7 years clean and sober.I would like this!How many licks does it take to get to the center of a TotsiPop, the world may never know.

chirag bhatt

But very good game indeed


Awesome man!!!!

parsa fakhar

Morphy is such a weird guy, he almost sounds like he is from a Greek mythology, nowadays people happily accept blindfold games with material odds and then brag about their win to everyone for the rest of their livesi mean Morphy is pretty much a MC of his own anime!he is such a honorable person

Uchiha Madara

Thanks for i had to draw a match cuz i didn't know how to checkmate with a knight and a bishop

Sasha Lask

Truly awesome


Im 8yrsold i literally can beat people with just 6 moves

ayan hamza

Baking powder ni dalna kia???