So thank you (:.Go study computer science.That's honestly amazing.I made a cutting board my freshman year if high school.Ben was right, he is horrible - An embarrassed Brit in the audience.

It's not that you have a German accent that is annoying, it is that you seem to have learned English from British people.8:37 why didn't you capture with the pawn, you could've saved your knight ?Hi i love your videos but can you do a videos with ash wood.Dddrinks lol", 19:03 "king coming.Nice video I learned a lot in technique watching him.

Why are you using a circular saw when you have a miter saw?What software do you use to show graphical representation of the battle.Oh wow, I had no idea they remade this.Purely to rid the world from humans.This is so freaking amazing dude nice work well done.I know I'm drunk and shit but aim sure you know what.I can’t be the only one wondering why they don’t just put half on even and half on odd.Lol at 37:42 it sounds like Ben asks how many illegal moves white had, which is probably why that kid answered a thousand.At 7:43 you can check the king if you move the black queen to g6 then the white will lose.

Pentagram is NOT a satanic symbol.

Pentagram is NOT a satanic symbol.

I liked the a salt and battery as well as all the other wisecracks.Grabe Nakakamangha yung kakayahan ni Wesley Bihira lng tlga magamit sa tournament yang ganyang Sarificial Moves Legendary pa yung Tinalo nya.12:33 sip of water. ) (Love ya Adam).Gotta love it when you score such a great 'deal' on wood and come up with such an awesome plan.

Guess whati don't get it.So xconsumptive factor.Pretty slick contraption there, Marius!Now that's a serious threader!I can understand how happy you must be.

Sao anh ko ni ln

Sao anh ko ni ln

Self help business is just another way to get these teachers rich not yourself I wonder how many of his devoted students actually get rich and do any of them attribute their success to this guy noooooo they dont.Too hard and it rips or burns through.'' his excuse for everything, he wasnt born yet ''.Why cant we get Simon on the show?(If knight captures then Q into g file and then Qg7.Imagine being a four dimensional creature casually watching a three dimensional creature accurately depict a four dimensional object, and then proceed to create further depictions of five plus dimensional spaces that the four dimensional creature can't even fathom.High school was a laminated cutting board.

Mahmuda Chowdhury

Grate idea mama papa.This is grate idea for my native country.I never think like before.

Fabricio Torres

04:10min play mmm

Adrian Parkash Suri

I'm surprised you didn't mention the BBC iteration ?

Lush Alaz

Who would win:Four legendary warriors with armor and blades made out of the strongest material known to mankindOr One red boi

Pooja Jagga

Yeah I'd rather spend a few bucks on a coffee andsandwich than miss my 1000$ flight BRIGHT SIDE

GTLbart 362 - Live

Fry pancakes then put maple syrup on


Highlight Reel1 "Some beeg blunder by world-such player like as Magnus Carlsen"2 "Look his face unhappy"3 "Anand will drink some... drinks"4 "King is coming like train on time"5 "Now what I remember it should be draw. But how?!"6 "World Cham... Former World Champion Magnus Carlsen beeg blaander, beeg blaander"(Bonus: Position verrry complicate, but looks Yuyangi faster! Some treecks, some treecks file maybe yes, g6!"