TapTap Heroes - The Return...14 Star Update!

Who said more is better sometimes it's true but some of the antics could have been left out so with that be stated i liked this video and it's blend with other chess variants gj.If yes,then please tell me where to publish my proof to get 1 million dollar.Play against carlsen caruana.These guys suffer from inverted snobbery.That Harry Potter music though.

Can this be an actual show please?Why does it have to be so hard I'll never understand.Petrosian sacrifices the Q but this game "only" ends 2 moves afterwards with a quiet B move.Sorry but the white king does NOT beat the black king to the G6 black pawn!-If n1 ended in 6, it may work for n2.13:17 for the 19:21 bit.

Ay kawawa naman si lola.

Ay kawawa naman si lola.

45 takes us to BG and another 45 takes us to the diagonal of the middle square and one 'half diagonal' takes us exactly to its centre.I would so play it - I love his art.Brilliant i will use this method here in brazil because here besides the car fuel the cooking gas is also expensive?Very nice demonstration of "real" mathematics.7:10 sao khng d tt ui Hu ri en mi n Tng?Hollywood: Write that down."Thrash badly" might be an exaggeration, Anand is still an extremely solid player that has a lot of experience in World Championships, not to mention he's also the most versatile, having played all sorts of formats, Standard, Blitz, Knockout.Looking forward to the next instalment.The project was all well and good, but the real Storyline, what kept me on the edge of my seat, is you would ever get that slo-motion Kobe Shot in the trash bin, 1010.Qf5, 23-Bxf7 Kg7, 24-Qd4 Kf6, 25-Qxf6 Kxf6, 26- Re6 Kg7 (or gets mated with the help of the other rook), 27- Rg6 Kh8, 28- Rxh6 Kg7, 29- Rg6 Kh8, 30- Rde4 (preparing unpreventable mate in 3 even after black sac RxBf7), 31- Rdh4 Rh7, 32- Rxh7 Komodo!



I wanna learn some musics in the piano :)music 16:40?The volume of a napkin ring around the cylinder will always be the same, and the volume of one of the other two caps goes from larger than the napkin ring to smaller than it.Anyway, thank you so much for the lesson.I love Hikarus streams.What a great trap.The suction ability is limited UNLESS the dust extraction system has a HUGE CFM airflow."in 2019, this site helped me learn how to woodwork like a pro learnwoodworking.How has this been hidden from the world so long?ReadLine()Console.However - sinceI was told there was one, and the exact moment was isolated - with very few possible moves, it's not hard to find.

Alki's a fruitcake but I think he's fairly happy.I'm German, what is a screw?How close were his fingers to that blade though.De veras - son demasiado fuertes.That's definitely past my current skillset.I didn’t understand why Vishy resigned.How long did that that to make?Are you people retards?

The main thing is to monitor the water, if it is not there, then the can explodes (if you cook it closed).Therefore the problem is that the function can't be equal to 0 for any rational value of x!Jimmy, I have learned so much from your vids!At 16:41 it reminded me of Benny Hill slapping that little old bald guys head.That way, you don't need to use supports that could be visible in the final piece.

Thank you in

Thank you in

Robertson screws and star head screws are the best.I guessed all the moves made by Morphy, when you said "stop the video".C5 pawn is already protected by bishop.Yellow was so bad in that last game.The winner play with me,.And i love to play chess.How to win the district levelplease say how to win district level.That'd make it easier to reference this video back for making some stuff based on your work.

sandip vadher

Today I quit chess after seeing this

Arsal Ali

I watched this by flipping my phone otherwise I'll beat my own self

Frank Ingram

Nice set Mike and I know already that I will watch it several more times taking notes each time. You make great videos, I truly enjoy them.God Bless my friend.


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18:30 q g3  is a good move but not the best. a3!! is the best  imho if q a5  a x b4 and white wins. thus if after a3 black must take the night on c3 with the black bishop.


Zoo many mistakes in this video


berliner london?A london donut?


PatSan1984They played a 1 minute blitz game. Kingscrusher has a video on it, not live though.


Thank you

Paula Trybus

I understood everything you said!!! Thanks now I can make my own:)

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Agad, you should at least show one wining game for STOCKFISH, if not then I will be sadly unsubscrip from the Chanel , I can't feel more bad for StockFIsh as he was my master for a plenty of time and I am sure that there is plenty of subscribers that mentioned such a winning game for SF in this channel Mery Christmas

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I only got 4 correct i need to start doing these more often to train my brain cause these are very tricky for me

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How the hell can you call someone a murderer if they were acquitted? Does the law mean nothing anymore? Just the court of public opinion.

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Hoodie guyyy