Tal vs Speelman - 1988

It's amazing how he was ready to sacrifice so many pawns and an exchange, if needed, to get to that king!Hey jay question I have the same thickness planar what do you have attached to it piping wise for dust collection I can't seem to find a good setup for it.Plz help anyone.Dear Douglas, this kind of videos are what have been keeping me from drowning in an ocean of desperation.So many people will never have the chance to hear it.

Again thank you for your videos.He wasn't a proper film maker.I hate how chess players today want's to drawLike wtf move something else you weak sht.I want to buy it.I took a break for 3-5 days and lightly studied and lightly played to refresh the mind, went to a tournament and promptly lost every game: 1st game I spoiled a winning position (KID as white) and lost to a 1600 player, the 2nd game I didn't know the opening line (caro-kann fantasy variation) and got caught with a tactic and lost to an 1800 player, and then I received a bye and had to go home.So the iRadical FlexPoint and LiquidMetal are all different lines?What is wrong with this world if a chess association attacks somebody who supports their continued success?

Lovely, powerful, spiritual, passionate, just beautiful energy.Very handy looking and cost effective system, but im not at all scared yet.I have been keeping an eye out for one of those for years to no avail.I've never seen anyone else with the amount of talent you have.(IMO) Re: division, in general.He is after you!He brings life in chess with his lectures.Bobby fischer had iq over 190.

This video is simple but uses words extensively.How did he realise this before the serve ball even went down to hit the racket?Dosent matter cause his back.If there are 6 odd hours in a 12 hr format wouldn't that make it 12 in a day?Ingenuity at its best.And I'm watching this.Can someone please tell me at 3:14 what if the king doesn't take the bishop but just go to e7 ?I'm a pro in the game.Thanks, Pete, please do not give up on this format, it suits you just fine and the reward is immense for us viewers and chess lovers.


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Have you ever considered making more traditional cues? Not that I'm slamming the epoxy style cues because they really are gorgeous. Personally I'm fan of sneaky Pete style cues and would be more interested in seeing one of those built.


I never knew before that the distance from C would show you how many sharps or flats a key has. That semi-circular chart with the colors would be helpful for a beginner, also. Another way to transpose is using Roman numerals, one for each chord.

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41:20. see how much a GM feels a time blunder even in a fun game he doesn't really understand yet. I thought it was only beginner idiots like me who feel it that badly.


Everybody could lose a game against someone after he has defeated him several times.


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Thanks, I didn't know anything about computers and I already learned valuable stuff. Also thanks for being the way you are :)

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I like the way he pronounces"zeroes"

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"fore-bevel" that's a term i've not heard. makes sense though.

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