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Idd 7 nice openings !Thank you for posting this and going into great detail!A 1000 to repay the false note plus his value of the bag lost.Beautiful design.Oh and you know that incompetent government hes claiming to defeat well that's weird cus hes been a part of that government fo last what 15 years or so.

What an amazing tool to have!Legitimately Well Edited.They add no humour to the situation.Lol good vid but i don't think this helps us out too much.Would vibration early on in the curing move the bubbles top the surface?Firouzja such a nerd plays defensive game which made him win.Wow what a treat.Please keep them coming.

32:14 - Ke6 -- Bc4.

32:14 - Ke6 -- Bc4.

What kind of wood must use, for different color stripes.I've seen it used as flooring, so surely if it can withstand that, I'm good to go right?U r soooooooo hard working manI think u inspired sooo many people to work hard.This Russian(i guess) commentator is fun.Bro I literally have tears when Ali was screaming and said smoke is cancerous.The kid just played the time at the end there, but because the kid had 2 pawns and the older guy had 1 pawn and 1 knight, he definitely would have won.It can instead take the knight on B5 right?When that person said 20K, I felt like "Yeah that is a corporate or big brand logo for sure.Haha More project pa sana isa sya sa mga paborito kung artista.

What kind of camera and optics are

What kind of camera and optics are

Numberphile I feel like there must be some parallel here with a some kind of sorting algorithm, can we get a Computerphile crossover?"Bobby Fisher will be playing the white pieces" Bobby Fisher is gonna win!How is it that the rook can't perpetual check the king?Meryll Sharlene iba!5 tree then you expected to not be lucky again, making it take 2 days to get the 6th tree, making it an expected amount of 4 days.I hope the one reading this could also find that person who lets them be who they are without questioning their character.

Thank you for

Thank you for

Flatearthers come on out and saythis is fake.They would think Bob sees 4, 6, 8, 10.So relaxingly beautiful.Had to like the video before even watching it.Video kek gininih yang gua cari² buat melampiaskan ke ambyaran hidup ini.Just to tell u my school is a haunted hospital my and my friend found a block thing on the wall its kinda high on top so we thought when recess we r gonna use something to hit dat thing and we did it and it started making things DESAPEAR.What is the blue sled hes using on the table saw?Very cool project.Em thch khai cuc Anh.

Actually,this table only took 1

Actually,this table only took 1

They were robbed.The video is super cool.I would personally be worried if people only watched because of algorithms.What if the knight will move to h2?I also have another question about making the jaw as Z zero vs touching off on the jaw and subtracting the finish height and making that Z zero and all z cuts would be Z minus cuts?But at 4200I would have the adjustable arm pivoted from angle piece and clamp on the factory fence side so you can keep down pressure with out reachinf over the fixture,ce.

I've already looked into

I've already looked into

Cause then it takes a lot more time for me to to through and figure out why that was a bad move.It is mental that you did all of this with just a text editor.7:55 "i didnt even know that was a possibility" LoL.Why do people comment reason is likes but I'm notno I'm for likes.Isnt that an Opera browser that he is using?What type of fondant are you using.Do you purposefully make your voice extremely calming or is that just how it is?The bestselling laptop of.Lesson to be wag maging manlait nang kakayahan nang isang tao.Maybe the thought process is more important than the answer.

Jo Allan

good instructions, I am making very small items and need to tool up appropriately, so function and form both essential

Owen and Anna

My mom said I can watch one more video before I go to bed


I cant see the checkmate at 44.00 min :/

Frida Zuiga

whats means Hh?

ashutosh tiwari

Missed many wonderful moves

Anju Singla

Hello I made chocolate brownies n they made perfect thanks

MrJimmy78102 Sandoval

24:24 is THAT literally poop?!??(The brown substance at the bottom of the stage)

Paul: White:

great!!!!!!!Stops frustration to me .

76Venkata Sridhar

super sir

Angie Lane

So entertaining!


An awesome program you might benefit from if your interested in woodworking

DIY Crafts LQH

Woodworking MasterclassI wish to have a fully equipped workshop like yours.

Anbreen Ehtesham

U are an unbelievably talented baker!!!Lots ot love from pakistan Ps: pls let us know if we wantnto add egg in it,then what should we do?Like...Do we have to skip the yougurt only...?I love ur baking.


www.youtube.com/watch?v=21QpsK7LRM4- OH CAPABLANCA ! - ok Lasker is vindicated, but this is still a fun song

Santa Dragon

Incredible work!

charudatta korde

Biased review for Carlson not good commentary . Booooooo!!!!


"Well that shows us something about our ages doesn't it." Claps