I tried going for some botched RossolimoCanal attack lines but I don't know them well so it's always a disaster and I end up crushed.Or same at 5:34?As in with no straight edge or anything.With how many hours you put in, it would’ve almost been nice to ev train your guys since defense didn’t matter in this run.

Um dia o baianinho vai jogar ai.After that, Smirnov played quiet well, considering his zeitnot.Beautiful representation of creator and builder !30:14 where did that Q come from.Very super film.

Every picture I see of Magnus these days is heavily photoshopped.Draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw, draw.Keep up the videos.Very accurate assessment.That was a dumb first move by the computer.Black paint and sticker just make it even worse dude.Credit Derrick Grace and not Royce or Credit Royce for shedding a different light on Derrick Grace to people that dont know his teachings.Because you simply multiplied 152 3 times, however you didn't consider the fact that first card has to be Ace of hearts and second has to be queen of hearts and third has to be Ace of spades.

Craftsmanship is excellent.Lots of love from India.So this may be a stupid question from an extremely novice want to be wood worker.Can you imagine Biden trying to debate Trump?I can honestly say u make some amazing pieces of art.I believe the rule states that if a Queen isn't available an upside down Rook may be used in its place.Hopefully I understood enough of this to make it in processing.CaveMan: (hunts for food)NormalFarmer: (grows food)ForgetfulFarmer (eats strange yellow blobs).Magnus Carlsen avoids forks so much, he only eats with knives and spoons.

I like to have a grass green color in my office so that when my eyes get strained I can look and it relax my eyes.This has to be the fourth or fifth time I've watched this and I'm STILL in awe.With the same woods as you are using.I ship the bartender guy with Zach idky.Some of these tips are the biggest scumbag tips in history like the wait so you can have your bag checked for free.This video animation is very nice so much than in game.Can we change the ECO from Englund’s gambit to the Hambo gambit?Your channel is great, and I don't think you should never apologize.This guy is so soft.I dont know to buy ling or dyroth.

Lea Polio

Lab u Brenda kahilak sad ta

Ryan Wilson

It seems like you enunciate your name more and more every time

Pradeep Kumar

3 rd level ravatamledu

Archvaldor's Warcraft Hacks

16:14 Take note youtubers, you'd make more money doing a tribute rather than a rip-off.


... and from this point on, we have a completely old game.

Carlo Gigante

How many times is black attacking the pawn? More thank one, very good. How 'bout a moreaccurate answer, I also accept phi. Not the number but PIE


"He was always pleasant, he didn't use curse words..." Well, whoopdi-fuckin-doo, he wasn't so pleasant after all, was he?

heba fatima

can I crush dairy milk either than dark chocolate

Steve Rundle

Quite a beautiful design and craft!

Saksham Gupta

is amit m aggarwal book good??

Stuart Reichardt

he could have taken the black queen with discovered check earlier in the game.

Quan Tran

Sao Kasparov li i nc m u h Giri th ad

King Knight

Every time they lose, their reason is that they are not in a good form.

djela yes

He has no flour on the table when he shapes it why

Jeremiah Mathews

What are your thoughts on the gloves you wear? wouldn't you rather lose the tip of your finger opposed to your entire hand being sucked into the blade? wondering if the gloves you wear are different somehow?

lucid dream

Beautiful!Love your alpha 0 videos.Thanks a lot

pushkanth pr

.. like

Karan SJ

5:18 lol

Vikram Singh

His loss is 1000rsIf any query then ask me

Yousuf Lootah

Great Job James. But please please use dust collection/ filtration.

Dillon B.

Lovely animation