So what pill do i take mr.I've played this the lazers suck.I’ve lost so much respect for America.4:19 behind the back from XX.When normal math cant explain your lies, you invent calculus.A chess set in a matchbox.Notice your own computer is more yellowed than the one that was treated in that moment.So, in conclusion, don't be afraid to take a risk.

I'll give it a try.That aside, nice bench.So simple and yet so ingenious and efficient to run.I'm glad you're finally monetizing.

1:26:09 "I think I like this position for white.However, now we know that each group has one dead battery.Are you using bent nails on all 4 axels or only tear?You are cracking me up man!Those first 20 seconds was a power move.Can they not just have short conversation without being judged.

You and your girlfriend make a

You and your girlfriend make a

0" height and bought them for $119.Show me something different and I gotta have it.Did Eric miss a fork at 1:24:47?Can you guys do a vs.All likes and shares much appreciated!At the time 3:19, white can play night to e7 double check, then queen by queen then take the rock.When one of these Doctors are in.It's this kind of honesty and objectivity that is a big part of the reason why she is so successful in women's chess and has become a legitimate (REAL) Grandmaster.5:05 knight e4 and pawn d5 pushing pawn and then bishop.Your repetition of "no talking" is dogmatic and loses effect really quickly.

I wanna know the version of this

I wanna know the version of this

It seems like it would be kind of you to provide them so they can be judged as helpful or not.Low play quality for white.And in the glass thing it never explicitly says that you have to pour from one until you cant anymore, like where do they get this shit?I thought it might be the cpu or cpu fan because the fan was loose.It is what Commies do.

Eyyy triple jump music.Legend has it that Capo trashed his hotel room and did a big Dump on the bed after this game, and later found out it wasn't his room.Go on I follow you.Torx Paralobe is the best for now.Does he get lunch tickets and a sleeping bag and a bus pass to each event ?Wooooooow great.I understand only partially.Four by my count.Go downgo down againdo you want calculator codes in html,css,javascriptdo you want down againfew moments later.Respect further gained from hooking up your family with a shoutout.

Fuckyou oli shit.I saw an orb fly a cross behind the couch right before the pieces moved.I sacrifice my queen all the time what's the big deal.I do make the prettiest and most expensive firewood in the city though.I am an amateur and that helps me in playing.The last riddle was the only one I couldn't solve.

I dominated him.Love love love, love.Very low audio for some reason.That guys not a hustler, he's 1200.He is way too cool for gcn.So much fear andinaccurate information being spread here.When will the other videos be online?Does anyone know how Prusa is treating the air in their printer farms?

Alonzo Rittenhouse

I wish I could join but I don’t live there

Brad DOC

I just watched your video and was wondering why you sanded with the palm sander when you have a drum sander in the background ???

Rukmani Singh


Harry O'Sullivan

13:25 What does black do? Stick a fork in it!

The Great Cringy WOLFO

Two set: That’s not the sound of a violin drop!Me: sooo....you’ve dropped a violin?

Jan Truszczyski



Daaang, that JT is for real savage!!  crawling up in the scary attic then under the house!  wth!  lol

Lingfei DING

Welcome to China

Topher Daniel

Ali !!! My dude hitting the last second shot in the fourth quarter!

Life after we got Charlie, the puppy

May I know which country you are from. You are truly talented. Would love to see a self intro and the person behind this amazing recipes

Ackie TV

Crush ko na cia

Richard McCandless

Yes! Freaking candidates! I'm so jacked for the candidates tournament! Drink lots of caffeine, Antonio, and pump out those vids!.... Also great video and great game!

Nunya Biness

Just subscribed. Very cool tips.

The Real Real Housewife

Where’s your respirator?

Youssef Samwel

Why are you using tanget


Hi there, i think what this will be perfect for base builder (3D) game.




Just realized that Gunner has DooM sounds.


i'll go thru 3 C's in a day,(seasons) im binge watching ok charron


Not many know the word "swarf".

Dharmana Surbabu

3 level is confusing

Franz Imschweiler

Einfach nur toll! )



Enbirobear NevadaE.U.

Human is great


Amateur looks the tastiest.