Surprising draw offer by Wesley So to Magnus Carlsen | Tata Steel India Blitz 2019

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Who else is confused why they are here.The first instance when he cheatedwas black Kb6 to Kc4he should have lost the game right then and there because he took his off the piece without making the correction.Missed checkmate at 6:19.Are you a poo poo head NoThere’s a tax for that.I'm so glad I had never seen that clip before.Great job, by the way.Until I watch this video.I would say he isnt more famous because look at the cast of characters here.Finding loopholes and exploiting them is a everyday thing for them.Google Sdmzt Sizo and go to the website.

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My dream is to make a

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Pwd ba un double moves?

Pwd ba un double moves?

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You're doing some of your best work KC, keep it up!


A nice post match analysis by these two legends.

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0:00 -- Carlsen has grown up into a downright handsome bastard with movie star charisma.10:36 -- A move is shaved off if the queen just goes to a1.10:42 -- Carlsen should have just moved Nb5 right away instead of Qd1 here. Why? Because it takes Anand longer to threaten the knight at any given location than it does for Carlsen to move it, thereby gaining relative tempo. (Carlsen is up half a point before Qd1, but nearly dead even afterwards.)10:50 -- Why Anand doesn't go Na5 here is puzzling. Sure: Carlsen's knight is a nuisance -- but that's all it is. He should just ignore it if he otherwise has everything defended. Na5 threatens the pawn, and lures the light-square bishop off g4 (where it is currently pinning Anand's other knight) to defend it. The engine favors White again after Ncd8.11:04 -- Stockfish10 has to crunch all the way to depth 31 before it likes Kg1 better than anything else.11:10 -- Even though it undoubles Carlsen's pawns, exchanging his crammed-in bishop for the Carlsen's powerful knight on b5 is actually Anand's best move here. In a cramped game like this, knights are better than bishops (as Carlsen's knight is currently proving). Nc7 (played) is a blunder, and the engine rates White quite favorably after Bf2.12:55 -- Any king move (aside from Kf2) would have worked (and Kg2, not Kf1, is the best).13:07 -- The queen trade is not forced after Kf1 instead, Black could shove c4, and leave it to White to trade queens. Sequence of play (after Kf1) is c4, Qxd6, Nxd6, Bxe5, Nxe4, Bf4, Nc5, and Black is doing about as well as can be expected in a NN-vs-BB endgame where the enemy bishops have a little more breathing room but no immediately clear advantage with eight pawns still congesting the board.13:25 -- Nc7 isn't forced. Na7 is much better, and the knight subsequently maneuvers to c6 and then d8 to protect the f7 pawn. White is 1.5 or so after Na7, but up 3 if Nc7.

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Rarely have i seen an ex world champion swept away with the white pieces. Sure it's "only" blitz but it's still a great win for Naka. Shame that not more grandmasters take the risks he does in order to win.

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I love the laugh at 34:08 because playing Qe7 is, in theory, the worst move ever.

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