Superhero Origins: Hawkgirl

She didn't noticed that she is playing king in the same lane.Like, instead of tattooing.Also dont forget i gave shoutouts to everyone thats a member of my squad at the end of the video.Please keep it up.I'm from Brazil and I like turning wood as a hob.You both seem like some fun dudes to hang and build with!That was a draw?Not only scrap but invasive also.

So much happiness.It actually takes very little glue to make a good bond.Russian prisons ain't no joke.In cake u use which cream i mean cheez whipp or buttercream.25x speed for efficiency.They would still be the most amazing couch tables on earth !7:37 white queen near by King and checkmate game Over.Good work and good luck.

Queen captures on a7 possible 3.

Queen captures on a7 possible 3.

It's obvious they don't know much.Pride is a great song.Such a beautiful piece, and I really enjoyed the video.Is this magnus playing or what.There is no "don't promote" option.Time to fill it up :).Are these for free?Until now are unable to realize I just made 938 bux with this incredible website here, GetP aidHo m e.The fact that he could have been stopped 26 times sickens me.Ohh man this is amazing.

2:14 throws headset away while ears go nuts.

2:14 throws headset away while ears go nuts.

Lol the ultimate nerd.576 jealous mofos!He's WEI too strong as YI can see.I don't know why but it's cool to watch them in order of rank!Profe gracias espero aprender.The A3 is the most critical.This is America.

Next one would be 8x595135 and so on.The Erik Satie Gnossienne No.This hero needs lots of rework!Kievan Rus is totally Ukraine's legacy.Also churches and schools that are large but excess to their needs, a house next door to a makers studio full of like-minded folks might be a good fit.The answer to almost all Numberphile riddles: 'Things you never really need to know the answer to'.Make a video on Englund Gambit in details !I would not do all this by hand with the possibility that it sound like poopoo but urs is fuckin awesome.

Ficou show, bom trabalho.

Ficou show, bom trabalho.

13:37Rook captures on B6Rook capturesRook captures.THE KING IS WHAT UR SUPPOSED TO SAY.Seems I accidentally skipped this video back in September, and I'ts a shame because I just threw a party with roulette and this would have made an awesome tutorial.Did you have to worry about the end grains cracking?Great great job!

Inbal Feuchtwanger

This is just awesome

K Watkins

Why are there 4 queens?

Jixtin martinez

I love watching he's video when he go exploring

Bad Trigger

The brandy in the water, really puts things into perspective of how bad drinking water can turn in the seas

M the K

Really cool... Well done!

Veonex YT

This is kinda not related but i need help when i try to go to the asset store in it it says, Connecting to asset store. IT TAKES SO LOONG

Albert Kelly

pretty rough tbh, not sure i would have published. points for trying though


Tal sac the queen, BxQ...But now Rxd5 threatening checkmate on d8...what a lovely narration. Thanks Mato.

Ann VanSlyke

That lawyer is a scumbag.

sa x007

I really lnea it, thanks.Piano sounds great, whitch piano are you playing?

Faze Pico

I just want to know when he talks about the beef with Yela.Unfortunately No Jumpers breakdown on time for each segment was way too long for my ADHD to comprehend.

Akira Toriyama2

The queen capture makes more sense. The black queen is in active safe position. If white captures with the g pawn, black queen moves on g file and remain active. So white instead capture with queen that helps it develop with tempo. If white instead capture with a pawn, white missed the chance to develop his queen with tempo.


There are bigger losers than this guy: the people that subscribe to him. Millions of fuckheads that think watching this idiot cheat at games is entertaining.


Ian Dog

Guys can we even comprehend how good Magnus is at Chess, i mean Hikaru is almost impossible to beat, on his record against the best players in the world is ridiculous something like 8000 wins and only a 1000 odd losses, yet Magnus beats him over and over and over like its nothing. Magnus is a freak of nature.

Mukesh Purohit

Any one tell me which h text editor he used...

Mike S

I pop my biscuits in the oven (very low heat) prior to using the jointer.It extracts any element of moisture in the biscuits themselves and they just pop into the slot.The biscuit jointer is not a Festool Domino and comparisons are really unfair.It does the job it was intended to do at an affordable price.Thanks for the vid

Jay Pee

Worst commentating i have heard in quite some time. If your going to commentate, at least have some fucking dialect in the language!


I think the dog would have loved real windows

Ng Phng

You are too good, very skillful, very accurate. In general, you are very good.


I'm not very smart, I'm not all that great with math but I have a question for someone that is a little more in tune.I bought a lottery ticket, there's 40 numbers that could be called. You need to land 6 numbers and a special number from 1-9. Statistically, the chances of winning are practically impossible. My query is how do people 'actually' win, if there's only a pool of say a million people yet a couple people may win the jackpot how is that mathematically possible due to the small pool of people to the borderline statistic impossibility?

Shafeer Pk