Sum of the first n natural numbers, 3 simples ways

What is left for me?Kindly post videos on PROFIT AND LOSSS!Steve you are the best at breaking that fourth wall.Wait that's all from ninja Hattori.

Ill never know how to do this whats the point hypnotis.Anyways, great video as always.It was my understanding that the Cambridge is highly respected, very solid and very much in the repertoire of the world's top players.Cant wait the result of agadmator tournanent ob lichess.What do you tell your customers what to do to keep the beautiful cutting boards from warping.

Send it to bigclive.

Send it to bigclive.

Antonio do you think Praggu will be as good as Carlsen?Summoning Salt: Summoning Salt Presents - World Record ProgressionSmallant: Allow me to introduce myself.Wear to you get Habasit plane belt for the lathe ?Now I know why Kasparov even at the height of his powers in the 80s was always fearful of Ivanchuk.Thanks for video, Jerry.At the list time of game why make several moves of pawns to queen.What about 6 man chess.Viany kumar vinay.

Does He brushes with

Does He brushes with

I think Adam is on meth.Aap opening pr video kyo Nahi bnate opening to sikhao sb ko.Amazing beautiful job !N the video you published,you mentioned that you saw all games.Full support from me.Safe to say 1 in every 5 people is dodge.Those meal aren't pasta bolognese.Ybcbildjfbkrljc jcbzg,sc.At 6:51 when black moves Rook to h8 why cant white grab the free pawn left undefended?I have been binging on your videos for two weeks now and I wanted to say hi and THANK YOU!

Ne Master



2:37 illegal move on gold?

sayuti mat kamal

"Here's the computer evaluation if you're curious".... "well even if you're not curious, here it is :)"


Beautiful game! :)

Carol S

Very nice

Patrick Dixon

Fool still drinking lean.


10:37 sorry but that last move could've been better


Wow, i want buy this lamp

Sam's woodshop

Rex great detail in your presentation

Scott Haun


Brian Warner

You are hilarious!




Your dog is hyper today lol

Ranash Sinha

Maybe it's 800




Looks crooked tbh


The last game was very nice!

Hafeez Akbar

Can I drop by and get some of your cooking when the grid goes down?And I'm not picky either.

little sprinkles

black could just move his pawn up on the last one..?


I remember reading somewhere that Richard kuklinski is a big fucking fraud. I believe he was a hitman but he didn't torture people that way he just wanted to sound big and tough