Sum of 1/n^2 with an integral in the complex world

I like your dog a lot.Please reply as I need to make the cake in few days.For a Bassist it is Dean Town by VulfpeckJoe Dart is a Legend :).Congrats anand sir.Why maintaining centre square is important.How will the battens expand and contract if they are glued and screwed, i realise between them there is a 2mm gap but the boards themselves are locked in and will split.You sand really FAST!

Are you fucking kidding?I hope Caruana will win game 2.Can I have a snap chat glasses.You'd just need to cut an angle for your legs into one side of each board.I think I'm in the minority that actually liked this film.

(Sorry if somebody else already said that, but I can't read through over 7,300 comments to see.Can you put some feet to show the king that walks across the board.At 12:30, I don’t believe the king could move to D1 to capture the bishop, as the rook would check the king despite the pin.Im a beginner and this was the Most educational video i've seen.Some ideas deserve contemplation, easiness in going back and front at the rythm of ones own eyes and spirit, that only a traditional book allows.Content is great but its a pain for my ears and my brain to translate that into proper english.How you choke and get a clear round.Kasp champ,good video bro,.

A billion views!You randomly changed from calling it a portal to a teleported.Really like this!Can't be that predictable."good work ain't cheap, cheapo work ain't good" Great video.4:50 "b4 - c captures b3"ok.Audio video doesn't match.

I liked saying how they made the plywood you were using.That said, I don't know how to make the equation any shorterprettier, nor how to look for any integer solutions other than have a program search for it.It's still working.Buy Super Cool Chess Talk Merch from Here:.I like to create a new file for each segment.Hmm ruy lopez we meet again.You always play evan's gambit just to tease us, don't you?I like it so much.Dba tapos na too.I wasn't sure why you were jumping so much when you had already clicked the TV button.

At 20:42 I don't think Carlsen can take the queen first and then take e3 because after white Rd5 how is he defending the pawn on b5?Is this the first visit at toms house?What exactly was the appeal of watching a super GM play the earlier levels of Komodo?I would totally buy one!Maliwanag ang explanation mo.Jerry two questions for you.So to avoid the world of The Division use Venmo and do Cyber Monday, got it.I have that grease in my toast every morning, nbd.I love the videos I remember watching all theses videos in highschool finding everything you do to be the most amazing thing in the world.

50) -- if not you, Magnus, then who is the expert?So, why was this game so amazing?Excellent example of demeaning the opponent and perfect trap.Actually, while you were explaining why the 4rth one is a win for black you're making a black king move throwing the win away, allowing Ne6 forking the Bishop :P.Beautiful work and relaxing watch.Which language which language.Wen i first watch his videos i just think: c'mom stop the internal jokes and cross 'obscure' references!U guys are amazing and take so.Sir knight to e3 is not a check mate as white can capture the knight with pawn.Aren’t we past that?

Very funny well done made my day LOL.He may take it with king then you can move the other knight attacking the rook and checking him.I will probably purchase this, not because just looking at it, I could probably build my own but, because the guy that made it is very innovative and through our support, will come up with other useful jigs.Kid was right about nakamura though.Applaude, respect.I hammered too hard on it :( I think I will try and weld it.You keep practicing and you will become a master at your work too.So great watching your videos thanks, however it drives me insane because whilst watching i feel like " oh yeah logical moves totally easy to spot,everything looks good " then when i actually play a game i just panic and make huge mistakes along the road : (.It was so bad, so jammed in there, so stupid, that when my late wife and I first watched it on video, she honestly thought somebody had mucked around, erased and recorded over the vid with some stupid comedy film.

Art Of Life

Killed 40 men, woman and children, faked her own death, took money from the men, bury bodies in her own backyard, I mean this lady was a real jerk!


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Jay Allen

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Picking With Dick

Weird that body would smell after 10 years, but it might be the plastic bags that maintained humidity on the putrid flesh liquid.

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Potestas Vieta

Chess's Steven Pinker.


Quierrel: What is it, what do you see?!Harry: That bloke in the mirror snuck rocks into MY pocket!

Washman 1000

Thanks for sharing this video. It's quite moving when you consider how truly large the full scale of the sun's solar system really is. No matter how lifeless each object or mass may be (of human life anyway), every mass has its own kind of activity happening. But the empty space between objects is so immensely vast, quiet, and lifeless. You can only imagine how lonely it must feel to be out there.


that was pretty slick, how you just cut off the top of that paint brush and leave it in the can to save money on your videos.

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Wow galing nmn. High tech po. HeheInsonente ako.. galing nio po talaga

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eres una caca

Brad LaCoste

HAMMER adjustment FTW!!!!!!Brilliant - you made my day.


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marvin ligart studio

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