Such Elegance | Caruana vs Carlsen 2018. | Game 2 RAPID

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Use the Flat

Use the Flat

Verry clear man.The beauty of YouTube patzers poo-pooing a brilliant game.The people who won this tournament dont watch agadmator.Many of them serve as executioners for the major deities, such as Ra or Osiris, when ordered to punish humans on earth or in the netherworld.I would have made the sides at a 10 degree angle, only the board and the metal would stay flat.The computer replay is off.

This is a great video

This is a great video

Aman's UNDEFEATED opening.If you could have somehow captured it, it might have worked.Android is better.I can't seem to get that set up, any help?If that’s true I should be in prison for yearsCan someone plz subscribe to my channel: block Hunter404.Please follow his way of talking.Where do you get your leather i am planning on making a leather bag my self but don't know what kind of leather to use or where to find it?

Louis should just fck

Louis should just fck

Thng lng ca tui.Who agrees with me?How do you do that no lane switching so fast?Mato what you think?I so want one of those but well the price is way to high.(It kept shutting down continually throughout the day every half hour and crashing.I love the event, but i hate the commentary."Angreifen immer angreifen" man merkt das er aus Deutschland kommt.Spend 1 million dollars!

Super misleading:this assumes

Super misleading:this assumes

Hey Jude Sunday Bloody Sunday Smells like Teen Spirit.Clips you my man, but not after that Nick Cannon track.What was the story on the 16rpm?Why doesn't Naka play in these?I love your tutorial videos and I thank you for your time.Awesome work though :D.If only Hikaru was stockfish 10 :P.I don't understand why RS-B.

Horde but is knight and not pawnMongols Empire Calvary intensifies.Poor audio quality.Did anyone notice that the painting in the dining room was crooked.I've seen a lot of chess games recounted in books, etc.What about Qg6 instead Qg7 for black in the 17:39 min?

A delightful game by the champion.He didn't have to sacrifice his bishop.I lost a french defense in less than 30 moves.White bishops were hemmed in the entire game and he had a backwards pawn and black had doubled rooks that infiltrated the 7th rank and yet.I love your videos man.3F100M98P2L25G90G01X0.Royce once said in a freestyle.Does zach really wants a roast so bad so that he roast himself instead of us?

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I wanna have a match with this kid


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I need a workbench to build this workbench

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All the dislikes are from hype beast's

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There is a WHOLE musical called Chess, that is about a chess tournament. It's not a new musical, not by a long shot. And it's freaking long. 'There aren't any songs about chess.' Artists during the time of Bobby Fischer wrote songs about him quite a bit. Honestly.

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6:40  why is b4 not playable here by white?

Brahm is Awesome! Alpha Bravo!

19:00 Ke4, Kf1. Black Plays Kf5, then Ke5. Triangulation.l was feeling sick.



The second Game didn't have much to do with understanding strategic ideas, he justed wanted to show off how he beat a super strong player.