Studying the Games of the World Champions with GM Yasser Seirawan

Can we please see the rest of your dog haha.Is nobody going to mention the fact that the board is upside down?When u were in tunnel the nutcracker was up above it.11:35 Why I LEFT Florida!Or use the games in their lecture.

The comp won't make any of the obvious loser moves.This seems to be an ideal pace for learning purposes.Is that Tim Ferris just lurking hahah.15:15 what is this game.I never miss any your videos.

Opponent missed soo many good moves.Tisk tisk on not building your own CNC tho.Amazing explanation of a wonderful concept.I love the third one reunion of friends, missing me friend already.Dough Fir is considered a soft wood, but kiln dried, old growth is not a soft wood at all.Because the sum of all its digits is a multiple of three.Loved this video xD.Everytime I watch a Numberphile video: Maths it is.

Imagine if this was real!

Imagine if this was real!

That has to feel awesome.God has plan for everything in ourlife.Why they no castle early.Thatd be pretty gay.If i would played blind folded i would believe in him.

( 3:04) BUT WE CAN

( 3:04) BUT WE CAN

Can you tell cake flour means all purpose flour ?I can't stop myself from playing a chess match on chess.No quote in this vdo?Kalau semuanya manusia sdh terlalu pintar dan maha mengetahui kenapa perlu ada lagi sengketa dan perlawanan pendapat tentang sistem suria kita hingga hari ini yang tiada jawaban sahih.How much did u spend for this project?He loses then, or in November.

Blue opposite centers matches then what to do.I am glad you took your time and showed us your work process.Cant they see the result.I also have a Craftsman with embossed name (coffin-style lid) but with two latches (No.Oh god Alan made a Headcrab.

Foodie Eats

Capablanca is my guy, I'm lazy as well and would have never seen this

Oliver Estrada

Quien gan? Xd

Eddie Holt

Jimmy, I just picked up an identical anvil this weekend! Looking to do just what you did to yours.Hope all is well!


How much would you take for a customized axe?

Nithaam Solomon

Lmklaaa this will never get old!!! Comedy at its best! Originality top class