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That is Amazing craftsmanship.Dude, you look like James May!People think their so freaking special, but inside their just like any other.The Egyptians were right in billions of years when it is gone so will any one on earth, Add to that that the thing that has tortured hurt and killed anyone is the belief in God!Can I use milk instead?

Kaya sya nakain.I wouldve won that game.The note sounded at 3:45 was not C, it was F.Kya ap burger cake ka recipe share kar sakte he plzzz.Going back to the job market around april 2019.Im new to the game developing world and I was wondering if you could explicitly explain what some of the blue text does.Welcome shaunI am very impressed with the work you do because I am a natural wood loverFirst I love to know about myself my name is Hisham from Egypt and always follow your workBut unfortunately since I'm poor I can't buy equipmentI find myself onlookersMy greetings.Move rook to b6 if a7 captures b6 promote the pawn if not stay in b6 horizontal line and move the king further."CNN is fake news".Thanks for sharing!

You clickbait others with stupid titles that don't even represent your video.Okay where do people keep get that music for the porno part of the video?So that the white queen sits on a white square.But I’m not 100% sure.Did anyone saw fire 50:04.What a cute little nazi!Natural walnut is amazing.Please correct me if I am wrong.We should love our mothermore than anyone else.Have anybody beaten stockfishg?

Best explanation ever.If Rxa4, then e7.For 15 as favourite cardit should be bottom middle and middle.Can we use chocalate essence?Thx for sharing.I'm watching your all video's again and again.Why on black's 31st move, pawn g5 is not considered?

You're rated 3122.Also Eugene: SWEATS VIGOROUSLY FROM EYES.The bowl won't hold water!Kramnic has been my pick since day one.Eight hours in and still having fun.E3 bf5 has poor outcomes for white and is played to GM levels.Very thought provoking.I don't know if you are aware, but epoyresin is a carcinogenic material, i.  Black doesn't have to let his pawns be doubled since he has Qc7 or Qb6 and even Na5.

I had chills several times watching this video.Anyone noticed he has changed his channel name?One for each function you need to write.Why not to move gueen to d8?Attacking the a7 pawn is winning.Work of an Artist.Batti Patti book language lo chepthunnaru.Staying hydrated is a winning idea.I will just say one sentence: YOU ARE APSOLUTELY KING, MY GOD, I STILL CANT BELIVE HOW FAST THAT WAS.

You explains things really well.

You explains things really well.

14:09That’s what she said. It won the third brilliancy prize and is one the best games I've ever seen.I mean, after this explosive match with Kasparov and Short, the arbitor immediately dismantles the ending position and configured the board back to the starting position.With all those pins, this was a really elegant game.NO NO STUPID SHIRT.Life without ever a chance to be leave(No question they are guilty) should just do the lethal injection and get off the tax payers money support.When it's not a PROBLEM.

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I had a Stalker once, not fun but I am a bastard and it ended very badly for her. Her boyfriend is really damn good in bed.

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Hey Jerry would you be willing to cover Tal vs Hjartarson 1987? I think it's one of the most fascinating games I've seen and there is no good coverage of it! You do a great job with your coverage of classic games and I definitely think it would be a challenge even for you to explain this game to anyone that isn't a wizard :)

Chen Vannlydeth

12:32 i never knew this! Thanks!

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You make so amazing cakes

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You can also make caramel with the sweetened condensed milk by putting the can on boiling water for about 2 hours

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Beautiful. It's inspired me to spark up my old lathe!

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Grabe nakakaiyak nman

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According to the initial statement and the BIDMAS (operation order) the result shouldn’t be 0, then you randomly start play around with brackets and mess up yourself because the initial statement hasn’t got brackets and the operation order is to collect like terms and perform additions before subtract anything, so, the result depends on how many terms you have got...



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I had JJDD to win but a 30 with a fire chess JJDD vs surf mook vs brizz

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At 11:26 wasn't Rg5 checkmate for black ?