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37:26 top six not working.Or the coat has to be removed.URLTV Stop The Fights An Shyt Making Hard For Smack To Promote".

Essa receitadepo deleiteda pra ser traduzido embrasileiro?

Essa receitadepo deleiteda pra ser traduzido embrasileiro?

Anh ra nhiu video na nha.No comment on Bc4?He is being very gracious this is an interesting format play against the champ,being realistic the only chance you would have is he does not get bored out of his head and completely go brain dead.Yeah it truly is the most dynamic and iconic superman figurine they've made and he looks awesome in my collection.I even used some of these puzzles in a presentation for my team so they could also benefit.That wood took on an amazing color in the oil.

Literally no clue how to

Literally no clue how to

Queria aprender a fazer.He plays chess with such strange moves that he should be called Dr.If a random move like a3, nearly all moves are winning like ke5 or Rg8 and youve got a huge attack.Good thing printing nerd at least cleaned out the print and restarted it at least.Then he began to go downhill with age.Actually not the king can move c7 and then die at b6.I Haafil chess good opening.He is believes in the trans movement.It makes sense if the rook is on f1 in stead of f4 though.It used various short phrases like, pluck your chicken or flush your toilet and one button press would say part of the phrase pressing another button would say the end of a phrase.

When you see ivanchuk was playing

When you see ivanchuk was playing

You have won stockfish o.All these bitches need to be slowly tortured.The most disrespectful impactful round n moment of battle rap history n not only did he compose himself but he came back n smoked TF out of ars Honarable Mention.At 7:09 I can't figure out why Kf8 is a bad move, can someone help me out?Wow supar delicious.Can i you do a tuturial o nhow to play like amgnus carlsenp.I think he's made mistakes from the beginning by doing such a weird action.Best chess YouTuber?

:( It would be an inmortal game.I should be more informed and less interpreted at this point.Just wanted to say, "AWESOME!Why did you cut the groove through the entire door instead of hiding the tongue and groove?It would be rather strange if white had nothing, and indeed, white has something.Then buy a plane ticket then go to the edge of the worldyou'll see a cup the go back to your house,get water from your well, use the cup and make your grandmother drink it.25:08 after Ne6 Kf7 play Rxf6!

Rob Trautvetter - Takami Woodshop

Aww man you got so close! ('Chesstool Domino'). I like your mahogany accent, way easier to understand than say, a Scottish accent or a drunk Australian twenty something female accent. Cherss Mate!

J. J.

I love this video, im kinda new to chess and this is so clear!


I think you missed encore

Agung Gumilar

Ini bocah otak nya sdah cerdas bertaktik catur, dgn siasat strategi nya, bsa mngatur keadaan situasi d saat d serang olh lawan sllu tepat, dri mnyerang balik nya, shingga lawan mnjdi trkecoh olh pancingn pola mnyerang nya, sllu tpat dri posisi lwan sdah mulai terpncing dri yg d brikn umpan umpan nya, pdhal itu sngat brbahaya, tpi si bpk tua itu mlah d mkan nya,pdhal si bocah itu bkin jebakn, spya lwan mnyerang lbih bpk itu trpncing yg sdah siap siaga antara, bidak pion menteri nya..memang cerdas memainkn taktik nya..licin dri cekatn kesigapn brpolitik/siasat nya tepat mllu.

No this is patrick

3:28 how you look at your opponent when you know you won

Kp Swis

Well you lost me with all those cuts that you did a great job keep up the good videos


Now you have the money to fix that piano

vikraman illanco

Agadmator: we do have a nice photo the honour of Caruana’s of luck finding the gentleman5 seconds laterAgadmator: Caruana opened with E5, so no doubt the Petrov defenceWhat a tough challenge!

Raju Jadhavo

Long live sirji

jaya pol

Shall I use idli untensils


should of sand blasted it


"Anyway, that's it for the moment... as always... thanks for watching."

Nizar Zizoune

i think ine the 5:04 he was afraid ofRh1 CheckKg8 than Qh7 Mate

Zachary Ahearn

You should probably sharpen that chisel a bit.


RxF2 was pretty easy to see

Kyle Hamson

4:23 That was a good shot

HR Lincoln

Excuse me, but when you talk about being "idiotic", you're entering my field of expertise. I'm a GM in idiocy, and, frankly, you've got a lot to learn.

Shane Knerr

Whenever making a cutting board you should use a resoursenal type glue. Esp if its actually going to be used.

Cosmic Collisions

ha, i'm related to adam, eve, and noah, etc

Rodrigo396 Cordero

try the game hard corps uprising


If infinity isn't a number then how can you go about explaining that 1/x can go to - when it approaches from the left? There's no such thing as negative infinity.

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To understand the endgame, it needs to be checked with a tablebase which shows perfect play.Since the position is very standard, I would expect near perfection from the very best players in the world.The video starts with a loss for Black.However, Carlsen correctly plays the best move (which should still lose) -- Rb3.Then Nakamura has only one winning move --- Qe2.But he missed it and played Kc4 which should be a draw.However, after Kc4, Carlsen needed to play a3 -- a key move in this position.But Carlsen played Ka3 which gives Nakamura the win again. Nakamura played a good move -- Qe1. Carlsen played another good move (but which still loses) -- Ka2.Then Nakamura needed to play Qd1 to win but he played Qd2 which draws.Probably, John Nunn, who writes books on exactly these sorts of position would have played more accurately than either of these two.

Sarah Noel

That fricken nutcracker above the dog how did u not see that.....

Daniel Callejas