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11:00 white should playnight to b4 and later play king tob3.I really really sang HALLELUJAH after watching this.Dragon heartstring core for hermiones wand!Yanl anlatiyon at e5 den once h3 oynanmali.What if the black king get cornered at a8?At this point, where im still an amateur, it's pretty difficult to try to improve against people like this.Nice game golan.Thanks for the inspiration, art, and constant tips and new ways to do things!

A great piece of wallnut comes in.I called Q h-4 sacrifice.A little intimidated.At the end of the tournament Anand will eat up all the players' nails and at last yours Agadmator!

Then I saw Hikaru in

Then I saw Hikaru in

First having all these tools and then cool part how to use them to make this master peace.The Ukrainian enters the camera lens all the time.How to order this chessboard ?I think after e4, black needs to play either n-f6 or c4 and hope for the best, but d4 makes it easy.Minority hipster Adam Sandler.It’d pathetic when people play like that.

Ahhhh the killers, takin me back to my college years.Why it's named dragon?He must have cracked his opponent mentally and timewise, but if black had not resigned, there could have been a sharp endgame where they both end up with a queened pawn!When wall ahead turn right.Jim, I know that the focus of this particular video is introduction of the various useful jigs.By greatest did you guys mean most annoying?Make some transparent wood.

He was a product of hishorrible abusive home life it happens a lot he didn’t have a choice.This Medina guy should have been in prison for those book titles alone.Yeah, incredibly impressive.You talk to camera pretty well as you are wholly sincere, but I prefer when cabin builders don't do that, like the good restoration channels.ME:But I'm Amanda :(.Nakamura is winning it does not matter what ever he promotes.


How exactly do you play online chess "disrespectfully", especially when there is no chat?

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Any questions about what a hoot it would have been if Alekhine and Tal had been able to "cross swords"?Eli D.

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One of this day Rubinstein saga will have to start

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Kill the kids.Nothing else needs to be said.

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One of the less obvious downsides of superhet was that the injection oscillator radiated some power. Also the IF amplifier also raidiated power. These two effectsmade the radio easy to detect, especially where radios were illegal (eg some countries in wartime, or in countries where radios needed to have licences).

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Hi friend..Kindly suggest 5 best opening for white and 5 best opening for black..with a video as opening is a crucial part of game..Thank u..

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Who else wants to Galaxy size it for just $0.39 more?



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Great tips. Thanks.

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who wins this match or draw?

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These professionals are useless.


its sad how almost all important webhosts and providers run linux based stuff.... and the amount of credit this man gets.... even google steals his kernel, hell even your phone runs on linux... thanks open source.. its not a love hate relation, its both


"will the king munch on C7 and escape?" lol