Stockfish on Raspberry Pi with voice ! Picochess

You can get easy to follow plans for this build (with easier joinery if you want it) here:.Aiiiloovveee Romnia, Bucuresti.9:53 - 10:09 TOM was mocking you.

You couldnt do that on Commodore C64 as the cassette was mono (only data).Get kontekkssst!I find that the Phillipsscrew is a " better looking " screw than the Robertson screw.I didn't know Gary Kasparov played human beings anymore.

I get that the idea here is to use this opening at lowerintermediate levels because it'd be unfamiliar to the opponent and there are a lot of possible traps, but I feel that the main lines should be covered as wellAt 41:54 after Qxd5, Nf6 wasn't even mentioned even though it's clearly better than what was played (Qc6, which created weaknesses through Nb4 that are only present assuming Nf6 is not played).That’s a self defence weapon!Why does he trade Queen’s instead of forking the rooks?Be4 creates the Philidor position for the RB v R win for black.Can someone kindly explain why the clock seems to jump back ten seconds.Is the last game really finegold vs carlsen?

Real awesome job dude.

Real awesome job dude.

Best video on the Internet!When you draw against Magnus and get 1 point.I play Hogwarts mystery (INSTALL IT IT'S GREAT)4.If is it, I am curious to join.I might have missed it but where in the world are you?Love Master P come help me Master P I'll listen.It stretches the brain unlike these modern games.

Black DID castle.

Black DID castle.

Bombyx mori - great reference!I have never electroplated anything, but I am thinking about electroplating a Royal 417 Vise I have stripped the paint off of.That same pawn also prevents the rook from being captured, blocking e8.Seems quite good for an 8 year old player.One 1700 player said, With the Philidor system I have around a 30% success rate.What’s inside a mood ring.Not sure why but I always like it whenever agadmator says "the good stuff" :-) - thanks for this saga, much appreciate it - Paul Morphy was a genius.Just a suggestion- maybe do a shorter highlights video to show the more interesting games you feel is in the tournament :) instead of analyzing every game which will take a lot of time.I saw it 11: 20.I love Programming like this and here is an example of what i mean.

Move rook on

Move rook on

I dont know what shithole you re living but in my country, we have freedom to speech.I remember learning about half and full adders, but my mind just went straight to snakes.This is a cool idea for a video!Favorite try guys video.Should I too set my thermostat in accordance, thus improving my positional perspiration frequencies and limiting ball sweat potential as well?I rather watch vada and pbw recaps.Talk about taking shortcuts.That's less than a week yet I was going to sell Monday afternoon.

You knocked over

You knocked over

I wasn't sure how to get the wood I needed as the wood we used was already 20 years cured and we had a lot of it.The sound is so stasfiying.I just heard a door open by a ghost at the haunted asylum at 9:29 minutes.I found your channel by chance a few days ago, and I find your method really really interesting.I may get this set by this thanksgiving.That's for scrubs that don't want jobs doing C and who can't bother to understand their code.But that'd probably be frowned upon.Where did Greg go on vacation - Carvo San Lucas?The MMX being a bit sloppy doesn't necessarily have to be a problem, it can be an advantage.

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Never played chess In my life. Why am I watching this? It's amazing.


Maximilien approves, but is a bit confused about what exactly a burrito is

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Nice explanation

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nice very helffull

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That shape is so attractive. It has been admired for at least my 63 years. The plywood must have cost a fortune. Well.... here in rural USA baltic birch is hard to come by and usually means a most day trip to the seller and back home. you don't leave for just one sheet. Like all the pieces you showed at the end. paused the video so many times but really wanted to full effect of the style of the pieces. I'm guessing that was a month or more piece to construct. If not too bold what were you able to sell it for?

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Hi my friend!..god job !...congratulations here at Brasil

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Then you can work really clean!


One time I did discovered triple attack

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Thanks Agad

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suggestion GM Ivaljo Enchev vs IM Nubairshah ShaikhRound 7 , Capelle La grande 2020. 4 queens on board just after 10 moves. Do cover this game

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Not trying to be creepy or anything but you look beatifull

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Can you make a video of knight and Bishop checkmate


Not a very tidy design.

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Brilliant gameplay

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He's having the goodness to create artful games.

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Wasn't self rising flour used for the yogurt bread so it had some form of rising agent?

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Haas are a good machine if you can’t afford a proper one.

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I love your commentary jerry keep the good job

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I recycled an old engine flywheel to put a cool-looking gear tooth rim around a cutting board here: was a shop-bought board I had handy, but the handmade boards here are much prettier.

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Very beautifulpanditoryand sweet voice.thanks master yasser,you are the best.


Just when I thought your videos can't get any better.... pure awesomeness, on all levels.

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You have too little of subscribers

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What's the song at 1:44 ?

Zarlasht ahmad zai



Yeah but can it run crisis?


Hey jimmy what ever happened to RAT BOY ?

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great video, thank you!Question if you don't mind.I need to create a 10x10 grid of rectangles that each contain an SVG image.Following your tutorial is simple.My question is, can my grid be resizable based on the user's device or screen size so that it always fills the screen from top to bottom?

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