Content is good, animations boaring and unprofessional.And a very cool one.Also why not make one flat and one curved?This was first performed in October 1791, merely seven weeks prior to Mozart's passing on December 5, 1791.7:30 And also, who the hell am I?Sore sexist loser men won't accept their loss to a woman and come up with a ridiculous excuse like this.I never knew Pascal's Triangle was so badass!

John put him to sleep.

John put him to sleep.

Are you KIDDIN' ME ?Love the videos and Carlini is very good joker!Actually there are lot of ways doing this.My vote goes to the person that respects himself.Can't even remember who taught us this trick lol.When I listen this song I feel something happened in my heart as dungeon but I so could.Ben is spot on with the blunders.

Most entertaining.

Most entertaining.

I would always have the right size lid.What's inside dads bank account hmmmcondoms!I need custom paint!The dude freakin possessed his not awnsering standing alonep.Game begins, Murphy played e4 as his first move, his opponent then resign, there's not mucho else to do in that position.With all due respect you really should have a riving knife on your table saw.This was no fun to watch.I know you've probably moved on from this video but for future reference mini splits are easier to install than a home lab.Bb5, thus deserving the brilliancy prize for the tournament.

Nice "Make-Do" design engineered copy lathe

Nice "Make-Do" design engineered copy lathe

So glad to have a new gay commentator on this channel!He played the first 15 moves like a computer.The same tosser comes back at 41:36 to say thankyou for something, HAHAHA Another ploy for applause.That looks like a penes.The adverts on TV allowed me to re-live my youth (giving my age away there !

Maam colars mai cake dikhavo na plz.After I glue up a a board, sand it perfectly smooth a few days later I can feel the joints is there a way I can stop this from happening.Grabe pag click q pa lang naiyak na ako.Jus not enough to beat the vet.What a huge head Carlsen has, if he ever starts receding he'll look like Tyrion Lannister.

Shopping list: ski

Shopping list: ski

Where are magnus carlsen.Perfect light old big lighter for boss)).There's something wrong in your puzzle at 40 minutes.Y’all think they gonna drop twork from url?So many decent videos are ruined with it.As soon as i seen that cutting bit raise it's head i knew, yeah i can't afford this.Cineva roman sa de-a like.I apologize, my question has probably already been asked, but I haven’t seen it.Someone can please say to me wich is the name of Peter Svidler Twitch channel?

rosana matsumoto

aljur! good actor!


4. Re1 how black makes a draw after Ke6 ?

JayMyth Playz

I watched this vid a year ago and clicked on ur channel and there was nothing else, now you have a bunch and I'm gonna binge them all now


Well I would change the dice a bit because I’m so used to newer dice versions it was a tad confusing at first but you can’t help but wonder about it and be excited for it! Damn you Chaldeans

Michel Legrain

why he does not congratulate the child instead of dancing.

Joseph Lasonde

you mispronounced his name and it's killing me

Nick Palubicki

Who wons finally?


Does anyone else reckon he sounds a little bit like penguin from Gotham?

Peri Feue

Thanks Jerry!, BTW - can you link to the live stream analysis of the upcoming games?

Mas Ganeza

iQ loe diatas 200 ya boss nerro

Ramalakshmi D

we must move the rook 7a to 7g


Who else went straight to the solution


"Look at these clowns here". Can't stop laughing. Thnx Jerry I love you :D

Patrick Mamilic

Ive got it in 1min,nice puzzle

Edjason Aguiar

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu feio

Julien Duchesne

This is an old trap, you could see it in the seventies in the chess encyclopedia opening. I won a few games with this trap, classical or blitz games.The mistake is to play Qa6. White can play Be3 or Nd4, and the position is not clear for black.

What kind of thing you use to make thus layers???

Ashadow Reviews

What?! White just threw the game? Why? Becuase he did not think he could win? Even though the game is less the half-way done?!

Juvan Lloyd Tumlos

ano po name nung gumanap na brother ni brenda mage? for thesis lng po. thank you.

Eli Myers

I have to say, for a rookie your pretty good

Snehal Patil

A big mistake by white Queen placing at f8 instead of e8 then their will be check and mate to black

Mac Dietz

Gotta love that gel stain

Diminished Fifth

Why not instead of moving a3 to a2 you capture the bishop on c6? I think that is the strongest move and gives black the chance for something other than a loss

jilagam nagendra kumar

17:07 to 17:40 Fischer's novelty