Stockfish 10 (1. a3, 2. b3 ... 8. h3) vs Magnus 28 - Beautifully Intricate

You remembered the whole game!Did anyone else see how freaky his wife's eyes look 3:47 in?She is absolutely delightful.You should upload it to iOS.I watched Chip Hailstone, Life Below Zero, he built a sled and said do both runners at the same time and just used a pot of boiling water with the bend over the steam."A similar thing is taught in Germany.I have heard of Philips head screws that have deeper heads so that the drill won't slip as much, but I have never used them or really looked for them.The lecture room seems familiar.

But can someone explain to me the blunder at 1:10?Gawd the bromance between the brahs.Anand sir won the match.Some times we should do unnecessary things, as others had no choice, only mistake.It is an excellent word, as you said.Am I missing something?

King battle would have went like,

King battle would have went like,

Just for the record.Until now atleast.8:51 I only eat dinner with those of high morels anyway.8:50 "That didn't sound half bad" - Agreed, it sounded absolutelydreadful.I need to stop being lazy and following the easy path!Thanks for taking the time to break it all down.Agk selow laaah.New dimension by Praggu.That is so incredibly beautiful!

I'm so happy

I'm so happy

This is awesome build and amazing score.If it wasn't a blitz game, this girl could have won without committing that blunder :-).The sound on your videos is extremely tiring.Thanks for all the great soundtracks and links.Frank: I'm not go crazy cheffy on it.Lose the ring before you lose the finger!Zvezdelina Stankova is the Queen of Geometry!

My grandma says it will burn since there’s no water or anything so is it safe?Cant understand anything u are saying.I think is would be easy to just buy a new kitchen oven and oven tray to put all the failed PLA, ABS etc plastic to make a big block and use a CNC Router cut to make somethingdesign.You can easily get out of stalemate by just moving the white king down a square.I solved it in 2 minutes.I think sergey is the 2nd best player in the world.Yet the North prospered from the Souths sins.

Maganda mamaya ung MMK

Maganda mamaya ung MMK

No shade I literally love you guys!Only rapidexhibition games: Magnus Carlsen beat Fabiano Caruana 17 to 9, with 5 draws.I'd like to try playing this game.With that photo of Magnus it's almost like he's saying the age of men is over.Flippen brilliant!

Very well made, cheers!Cuantos euros te ha costado ese puzzle?Let’s go into the detailsOption 1Bob sees 2 trees, he knows that Alice sees either 18, or 16 trees.Great video, great gift as well.Best channel ever.Honey is bug spit.The best video I've seen seen month.When Andy Breaks Out His Pressure Pot, It’s About To Get Real!Dileep fans like.

omar yaqub

Incredible idea that a person (Riemann) came up with this theory and hypothesis in 1859 which is not easy to be understood in 2019! Thanks so much to the guy on the video for this awesome simplification that let us understand this problem

James Merkel

73 subs 68 26 155 233 9 I am 9(the queen/bride).  The value of the pieces = 39per side 2= 78-the 2 kings(infinite value/200, or really 1pnt)= 80pnts 80days till the Rapture!  If u use the 200(why I don't know)= 478 = Elishaphat or "GOD has judged", set down(troops) against.  Hve of 80 =40per side a very important  n the Bible.

5:14 what song?

hailey Levick

ooooooooooooooochaly kadhayum polisum LOLL

Mark McCluney

Good to see how Rhea becomes gradually more confident with the tools. Like my Dad always says 'don't be afraid of it'. Good vid guys, great fun. And the half hour didn't seem long after all!

maria melquiades

Musica celestial .


Anyone have the full game?


Check?U w0t?M8!

raymen soin

ammmazzing !! tooo good


Good defence Ben. Did white really have anything there? Would be interesting if you could put the position into engine and show it to us in a video. Just a thought ) Love your videos and your chess club. I would love to open a club like that in my city. Perhaps one day! Cheers

Gamer girl Gg

This is my favorite Harry Potter song

Richard Marcosek

Anyone who would like to help me out, please tell me why after Bxf3 the g-pawn recaptured and not the Bishop on e2...wasn't it moved to e2 to cover f3?

BigCock Glock

Why they vote Jessica out over Bryce like what. He names two Slender-man locations! I’ve never played the game but I knew those meanwhile Jessica names multiple games and multiple characters within them like what


Why does he keep on drawing dicks on sawdust.