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Mind-boggling complex game by Tal.Isn't the cock vain on the arrow supposed to face outward from the bow.I have one of those planes and can't currently afford an upgrade, i loathe using it because of those stupid adjustment screws.The color is asindefinable as Carlsens openings sometimes.It looked pretty long.Pieces were taken to one particular position then brought back and then taken to some other place.Is Duda getting Fat?

Gimana cara bermain catur untuk pemula.

Gimana cara bermain catur untuk pemula.

Then, queen plays to f6.Thank you sir outstanding explanation.Please remove that.I am used to the big boys of engineering.Eternium isn't new.

Ben took Simon to school and picked him

Ben took Simon to school and picked him

Beautiful Story.Very good job Sir.I wonder how the resin will look in (say) 50 years' time.Is this a good recipe to use to create a greyconcrete finish?I can't believe it still works.

Especially in 5 minutes and greater games.Excellent summary.That's probably how I got mixed up.I nedd the Facebook of the girl.He sounds so nervous and have a dead stare at that girl lmao.Dude what the engineprogram you use to cek the good position in video?E4 "I'm going to enjoy watching you die, Mr.Magnus is a World Champion but Kramnik was world champion too !Wish you the very best!Clips is still the greatest.

hendrikus bugaraya

The Ding's win is somehow more awesome because he played with black.


5 years in and still learning ) mucho gracious amigo

Jignesh Agrawal

Lady was in a profit of 1000 so the shopkeeper should be in a loss of 1000


I can tell you take pride in what you build. Glue, nails, pilot holes then screws! Good craftsmanship brother!


Hi John, just one question if you have the time. Why do you normally recapture the bishop on g6 with the h pawn and not the f pawn which would give your rook an open f file (takes place at 44:10 )? I have noticed in a few of your videos that you take with the h pawn.Great video btw. This is my second time watching it and I still learn new things. Thanks.

Jin Wu why does it turn blue?

Arnaldo Sandoval

Antonio, talking about blindfolded chess, it will be good you include Migue Najdorf, he set world records for simultaneous blindfold games, 45 back in 1947 the record was broken in 2011

augusto rincon

Cuatro reinas y dos torres para ganar a un rey indefenso?????


great video! the speedrun on this game is crazy, I love it!

Richard Feynman

Definitely the right choice to show this game!

Afrnio Fonseca

Firouzja acted like a baby after barely losing a blitz game on time to magnus and starts getting a lot of attention,come on, it's like he is being rewarded for bad behaviour

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Linus: I’m not asking anymore