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Now, that's a real puzzle.Get well soon and upload please.Subscribed and hope to see many more.I got maximum as 5 and minimum as 3.Shopkeeper lost Rs.We have enough deranged apathetic people wandering around, and if you have trouble coming up with 400 dollars in an emergency its surprising to see how many people want to spend 200 an ounce for pot.And 200 rupees loss on the bag!

Morphy played some crummy players.

Morphy played some crummy players.

Interestingly, his given name Yi () means either bright, heavy or a lot, but there is another character with the same pronunciation and almost identical structure "" which means "to play chess (or go depending on the situation)".Peter Svidler, the gentleman GM.Going down 3 or 4 lines, and THEN decide upon the best option.We are probably around the 1400-1500 mark, except for my other friend who I would guess is around the 17-1800- because he blunders way less than I do.Next person who comes over is gonna be forced to play this.You really are passionate about Middle Earth, aren't you.Then my wife decided I could not sell it.Jsyk it's pronunced al- yay- kin.

It is nice at best and very

It is nice at best and very

I saw a face on the wall.Here is any American can help me to improve my English by chatting?The corporate ass-lickers, desperately trying to stop Bernie,have a new, absurdpropaganda point:They claim that a Bernie nomination will hurt down-ballot Democratic candidates.Great teacher - love the dry humor with the kids, winking to adults.You made it with full of passion, it's so perfect.Yea dude you made this look easy.

Where to find slicer settings from prusa farm?I like how the Magnus uses mating threats in the endgame.I'd rather be on the side with the pieces because if you can get behind the pawns, you're golden.Thank you for sharing.8:46 she can give check and capture the pawn in free.Best ending ever.I hate everything else, especially if you use a impact.Wesley is a beast in Pro Chess League.  This would be a godsend for a science teacher.

The bully he killed wasn't driven anywhere.Knight versus 2 Pawns endgame?Mywife and I enjoyed this presentation.At around 1:16:30 was there Nxd5?Looking forward to more.Oh lookA jack in a hat.Waaw i want this how many coins.

Peter Smythe

Is there Fischer Random type Horde Chess?

Billy Burt

Beautiful hollowform, Andy!Billy

Lorik Syla

where did you open the folder i mean where is that page

Sutej Pokle

Arjun Kanungo Rhea Chakraborty Red Velvet Cake

gio sky

Wow ...

Aisah A

Kaka enspired namn kwento mo yollie


Does anyone think that they can learn this on their own

Virginia Rosenbaum

Wonderful I love this iam wondering what type of power iam new to your channel so glad I found it

Easy 8

Hey Joel! Fun video! And Sean, good editing!

Linda Furr

I couldn’t watch the entire video due to that laughing reporter. What is so funny about a man torturing and murdering people?

Bobby Newsom

When I see videos like this one -- superb educational videos that include detailed, in-depth narrations about what is going on, excellent videography and editing, and not to mention are free for the watching, I'm left to wonder...WHO IN THE WORLD IS CLICKING THE THUMBS DOWN BUTTON???


Im better than my dreams

My Leg

Lol 'Al-yekin'. That's an even worse butchering of the name than just saying it phonetically.

Nathan King

What type of music is this it's so groovy?

Anthony Nguyen

This Carl guy seems like a real jerk!

Mohammed ASMAA

I imagined quiet music at the heart of the heart, and I say Iraq will live free and beautiful without killing. I hope people live in peace.

Miguel Alvarado

Jajaja esta relajado vincent. Casi pide una margarita.

mustafa adam

was nice game from capaso as always his games make you fell happy that they are alwaysnew things in the board

Harshal Patil


Richard Feynman

Those were the good old days...-)

wayne ploof

GOOD video

Orange Nexuss41

Good stuff, I hope you get more Special Guests! Are you going to have lectures as well?

Dagg M.

This is great, It took me 25 years to find out everything about this cricle of fifths in detail. Until now I interpreted this circle wrongly.Many thanks and long live YT

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Skeet shot rip off

John Smith

I need some vanilla Cities Skylines videos as I am playing on Windows 10/Xbox edition which doesn't have mods.

Myka L.

I'm here for Jenny ...Looking tasty !


what is the sum of all prime numbers up to infinite