Star Wars Chess (PC, 1993)

How can I contract you to make me one?I loved the first shot!Only thing that can beat GM Ben Finegold is him accidentally flipping the board.But every time I will support Golan only.Well done and thanks!

If you're watching this video you

If you're watching this video you

I would like to see a draw, another 4 I mean.6:30 id play Bishop to b6 right?That would be a negative but my favorite artist at the moment is Alex gray sooooo.Me and my mom love that squirrel because It try’s to get that acorn but fails.Should go on price is right.22:47 OMG what the fk do you see shadow on left side?May sound odd but all of Direstas videos are incredible and I watch them to help me sleep.Thanks to all you great carpenters on the tube.Is it me or does anyone else know what this guy saying half of what he says is easy to understand but the rest seems gobbledygook.He would always move right after coming back, and so I checked the game against stockfish and what do you know his moves were all engine moves.

Just be careful and hope for the best?

Just be careful and hope for the best?

Can epoxy be melted?Beautiful, very beautiful.Let's open up our borders to anyone and everyone.Bonj superboulot.Creative genius you are.Youuuuu loooooooooooose.I know that white can protect with the e pawn, but after we capture that, the same scenario occurs and we gain an extra pawn along with the queen.You have all of that and a SB6183 which isn't a very good modem.Been watching you and I thought you were just a short guy!You are horrible.

Nf3 black has the interesting 3.Only a GM can follow a GM's thinking process.10:11 MASTERPIECE.Kudos to you dude.Pprang ever after.


Beautiful top and man that wood is gorgeous!! Hate you had the issues with it but it still looks great!! How long did you let that wood dry? I’m letting some 2 walnut sit now trying to let it dry so I can build us a kitchen table.

Zabi Ulla

What is the name of that music

Kastin Baretoka



Fkn amazing!

Nicko Belic

instructional. But now even nooobs play better than black

Preben Rutgerson

What a guy! It must be the rocket surgeon incarnate.

Rohit Tanwar

You didn't define the tan function smh. Jk nice and easy to follow tutorial.


Too much importance on "Deck Flex"...but a great video, Big Thumbs Up!MacBook Air Trackpad and Keyboard Fix- Flex Cable Replacement


I never get why people complain about the bezels. Who fucking cares what size they are on a laptop as long as it's big enough etc.

radfox love

Never question back then it made you who you are now grateful stay humble


Who the fuck is Jinx with thee shades

Willem Mourik

Really cool puzzles but can we put them together or is it impossible??

Tonya Frazier

The chess pice moved

Cristian G. del C.

Maghsoodloo looks like a side-character from a medieval fantasy videogame whom you encounter in the depths of the enchanted forest and gives you shelter, food and advice.

Steven L

I would had quit a long time ago.most folks i know who buy these el cheapo system, they would not had upgrade all parts at all.and the folks who buy these system won't be willing to pay any $$ to do any kind of diagnostic.i will just yank you the hard drive, backup the data and load it on a off lease Lenovo, Dell or gasp HP corporate laptop and call it a day.HP makes good stuff except the stuff they sell at mass merchant.