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Kakainis no unq anq Sarap sa umpisa iiwanan kalanq pala.Don't meet strangers in the park if you are young.Master, if I give you 100 dollars, would you do the same to me?Ako rin po heheh watching from Riyadh 2020 March.You gave every variation based on Be7 played before h6.Learn to cut them by hand.A real once of a kind.Subbed in from iveys forge!

The other common

The other common

1:26 thank me later.I’ve been there a ton of times but I can never fully get into the woods in the night because of such a strong heavy presence of eyes watching.Then you can work really clean!Captain Barbossa is that you?I have no clue why I recall watching this when I was 5.

I'll put a diversion safe in

I'll put a diversion safe in

Black dude wasnt funny.I'm planning to watch "Climbing the rating ladder" and the other 2 videos of this series soon to get a good idea on what mistakes to avoid and what areas to improve.Gila si ini sejam loh.De quien es la msica?I'm not making any profit from this, I just want to help ease the frustration a lot of people are having with getting the right settings.I had been trying to learn chess for a year And I learnt everything from your videos.You guys are watching the not-so-long-in-the-future-new-World-Champion.It was the owner of the company that makes segways that died not the inventor of the segway.Absolutely amazing advice!

Ty for the commentaries kc.Thank you very much, greetings.AWESOME CHANNEL BY THE WAY HAVE BEEN HOOKED FOR DAYS NOW :) HVALA NA ODLICNIM I ZABAVNIM ANALIZAMA!G6 would’ve been better.2020 02 20 13 34 16 what is dat.I don't think this is thug life.

The calcukating machines out play Carlsen

The calcukating machines out play Carlsen

RELGIOUSdevotion is right not godly devotion.I don't know I don't watch them.Rest in peace to Alot.Lots of talent and high skills!Kinda like buzz from the year i was born.1:27:04 and what follows: jokingly says he doesn't care for the audience, camera drops for the umptieth time.But even in this video, one can observe flashes of what will soon make him the most entertaining chess channel on YouTube.This is very helpful.Love how happy she looks holding the big bowl of chocolate.

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Why is their so much videos of people ging to tulhe ghetto filmimg themselves beating hustlers? Does it make them feel like men or something? find a good husteler play them then film that if they let you better still tue defintion of a hustler is someone who throws games sometimes to draw you in so tell me whens he doing that and when Isnt he? Without knowimg all parameters amountgames, money, and his reasons for his decisions bragging about beating a hustler is pointless, because if he beats you next week geuss what footagewont be making it to youtube...




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"As long as your plans are good, there's no need to hide them."

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Where does the money come from? How does an extra $500 just come out of essentially nowhere to add itself onto your bank account? Is this really saying that money if left alone will simply produce its own value in the form of more money? How does money compound itself like that? Does sitting in the bank give it more value, or is interest just a way of keeping the rich rich and the poor poor?

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