Square Off - Smart Chess Board, CES 2017

I love this videos, i know that im replying a 3 years ago comment.Com be like: "60 blunders.But, the engines don't give it as the first choice.Be2 seems good as it develops a piece!I want to make one myself one day and watching your machine skills make it look so easy.

(0:12) - Sorry but I just don't understand.I thought white was gonna win with his passed.Karpov is a great gentleman.

No no no, that’s not a chopping board just put it on your shelf.Thanks for the how to video Really cool.But how about making a video where you actually narrate it instead of playing some really annoying soundtrack.I'm now totally convinced that Pask was in the line in front of me when clever was being handed out.Anyways, good lecture!

He had what he deserved kkkkkk

He had what he deserved kkkkkk

I see that you do a lot of file work and as such the files do load up with the material you are filing.71027atoms in the HUMAN BODY!Suga, you've never been clowns, don't be so rude to yourself.Magnus my man you gotta get on twitch.And a 1800 has more experience in general.He will pay for his evil.If A0 only had it’s great calculating ability but not memory, it would also likely win almost all the time against SF, but with greater difficulty, because sometimes worth of a variation or position can’t be valued solely by cold calculation, it has to be inherently understood to truly be a great chess player.

Where do i get

Where do i get

Sounds like Joey Diaz trying to pronounce peoples names.There’s only one way to find out.I like your video, I like very much.Po prostu cudeko.Great job as normal thanks for the tips to make life easier.How i love watching retro movies haysss ang ganda bumalik sa unang panahonnnnn.

March FPV

The second "chapter" about matter, which begins with a question "Why should matter attract matter in the first place?" is said exactly in the middle of the video. For real.


Awesome work!



Omry Tzabbar

When you get bishop a6, call yourself a genius, and loose to a 1400 on lichess...


It was a game of a pro against an amateur. Yikes :o

Lonewolf Stone

Bb4 is an excellent move!

Suresh V

One has to spend more time to understand what is legal /right move rather than thinking of strategy....

Lucas E

I've been doing js tutorials for the past couple months but when I tried to actually code something, I couldn't. I want to make a tic tac toe as my first js project but I've no idea how to even start. I know all the basics of js but I can't apply it. What should I do?

Tirupata Boini

It's very nice and cool.

mohan krishna rao

Only happens when playing with beginner