Square Off Kingdom-Set Automatic Chess Bord New Chess Bord Experiance Riview English& Malayalam

That Freshbooks Sponsorship Was Creative and Funny AF.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Tulsa Oklahoma USA." but you were able to keep some of it.

And trying some weak ass sleight of hand.Alex hilarious japan mexico fear.But I just received my first gallon kit of TB High Performance for a customer's commission.Bn trng i ging khai cuc italia th :v.Love from India u r awesome.This is amazing.People see this match and come away with the thought that Magnus crushed.In old manuscriptures he was literally called Ingvar.There may be more lines that I might have not considered, but, here, even with the best possible defense, it's probably mate in 5.To put a message box up in the middle of a game is completely unacceptable.

Botvinnik blundered the game with 25.Flat solar system theory.Too many variables to be accurate.Dude, how did the woman get away with killing her son and keeping his body in her trunk for 10 years?I am Brazilian and tried my best to understand everything you said.Carlsen think how win with no sacrifice, the king who want win without many cost, he can think so many move when all piece still around, his play style is to attack enemies and find oppotunities from what enemies react to his move, different with Morozevich who the king logic, the defender playstyle, natural counter of carlsen, he always think to destroy enemies plan from begining, whenit cost sacrifice thing he will no doubt to do that, efecient play style, just wait, see and kill opponent move before it grow big, boring play style but efective, not cost lot of thinking on begining, and can use all of his brain energy on the last minutes.Get your grades up.Giri not playing Bf4 and destroying his center with e5 gave me profound anxiety.

Great job Keith.At 18:41 how about if black Queen goes to c7.I really don't like to hear, " my opponent now, made a very bad move," because it takes away from the thrill of the victory and the exhilaration of the competition.Just create a supernova, problem solved!I downloaded it, copied it in the "scripts" folder in my Unity project.This is the way we ball was a classic childhood song.

Lucas Matsuoka

Actually, Wesley So already won, with a 20 - 7 score over Duda


Answer: play firouzja style!!!


suggestionMaybe one game where stockfish wins over alpha? I'd love to see some 'Redemption'

Vivek Babu

Name of initial background music plz...its very calm and soothing...!

Derft la Grange

Great job, thank you

William Howard

you are in europeperhaps around germany?

Walter Rider

thank you

Ronald Strout

I like the design,Im gonna build some of these this summer.

Tams Kalocsai

It gives me hope... I have a strange feeling now :S

Anant Gautam

Please respond to my tweet. I think there is a legit 5 color map. You can extend the idea to Infinite Color Map too.

Many Layers

Ned will go absolutely feral for his wife.

Aussie PewPew

Just tried cutting threads for the second time after watching this video. It worked out really well ! Thanks Tony.just posted the results on Instagramaussiepewpew proud of myself.

Dalton McMillen

wow. i feel educated. Great video, very underviewed.


The courts are so lenient on women, not all but a good chunk of women get off easy to the point were some women got no jail time!

Mia Edillo

Parang ellegal moves siya kanina ha

Qwono Bandzz

Geechi Gotti too real for this Rap Battle shit

Fantanew Agumas

it is good but pleas help me by sending android(eclips) project source cod of online shoping

That hated nerd

Ivan died in an australian jail this week.


A M A Z I N G !!! 

Catalin Popescu

May you live 1000 years GM Ben Finegold! Keep up the good work!

Fishy Business

I got a Redbull Chess commercail for this video. Very fitting

Lonewolf Stone

Pick on someone your own size!

Mar Tocama

Mga nagdislike hater ba?

Ruslan Red

The game looks nice, but the code is awful, sorry.