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Very well done Sir It is used by GM's when a victory is needed, double edge all-in defence, highly agressive and risky, that's how we roll.LMAOOOOOO ITS FUCKING LARGO.'NPC Mode' engaged.IN THE 4TH QUESTION IF REPETATION WAS ALLOWED THEN THE ANSWER WOULD HAVE BEEN 146 AS ONE POSSIBLE NUMBER IS 500.Also it was a small blade, meaning it losses heat very quickly.How to counter her ult.

That rawr shit is cringey

That rawr shit is cringey

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What if king moves toward your king?Well, which tribe?Could listen to your lectures all day.Patients is a virtue and you are patient.Dapat binigyan to ng trabaho ng NBI.Sei veramente bravo un saluto da un collega dall Italia.



kusu veera raghavulu

I used this gambit n opponents resigned after loss of queen

Black Warrior Lures

Hey, what is that thing coming off the blade of your table saw?

Savo Prelog

Queen B4

Julymol Joy


Richard Short

Great bench hope you didn't get a hernia moving the top around

Matt DG

6:29 to 6:40 - Bricktop in Snatch!

chelsea cong

n m th ko n, trng i ngu vc