SoyCon 3 Part 29 - Cosplay Mock Weddings: Naruto & Sakura

Thanks for posting,sharing and teaching.It is interesting here that there are, at certain points, a number of possibilities.At around 3:00, is Qa4 a move to win the pawn back?He should get the money they made from that video.It is pronounced as Kartikeyan.You pay as much attention to the editing as to the project itself and I appreciate that.Study 10 end games.

There is so many stories in the

There is so many stories in the

14 that piece will be in the garbage in 10 min.And then we die anyway (what a waste of a life).Who else waved back at the random guy who walked into the shot?If you want to play in the next event: 1) make an account at.Thank you and greetings from the Netherlands.Its a video of giving multiple likes.Just saw the model on bar rescue.My else isn't working.Magnus flips the board over in a fit of rage at 8:15.I don't know what got you talking about Constitutional Rights, but okay.

Magnus looks like a nice guy.This commentary is a bit too hasty for me (at least) to follow.I love Remy Ma but she need to speak more and be more passionate about her topics.I've devoured the first four of these videos all today, but I think the insight of trapping the C and F pawns behind the Knight near the beginning of the game being a potential issue will be huge for me when I get a chance to put that knowledge into practice.First Rook to a5 so black move bishop to e8,so we give check by pown to g5,then only legal move is king to h5 and we again give discovered check by pown to g5 now what ever he play he is unavailable to stop pown promotion and Black is gone.Very good Idea, thank you for showing this viedeo greetings from my Channel, Hansi.E DIRESTA E A MELHOR.It didn’t take long before I was winning more often than not.I need your help to warn people, something tells me God is picking you for some reason, and he needs you to also get this message out to more than just one person.

He will capture the rock.Bringing that L out was absolutely necessary.Honestly I believe that with natures phenomenal technique and manipulation we can not only change orbit but fly this big booty Mother Earth.I'm Blown Away with your knowledge.CCCAAAAAARRRRRRLLLLL.Very comfortable na sila sa isa't isa kaya galing ng tandem.VERYNICE RESTORATIONNICEU.The overall taste was sumptuous.I m very dishard.Is "Golan" just a nickname?

mr chasingten

Cj need to stop exploringhis mind goes crazy he hears everything even nothing there but he see it come on cj get your head checked

Ethan Maggiore

Rolling is not new I can do it in 3D land.

Nitin Pounraj

Horse vandu seria puriyala

Vineet kumar Sinha

Phle guild video banayo bhai A6,B6 postion smjh me nhi ata

DynamicZ PlayZ

You probably never went and watched my video due to a busy schedule but in my second video on my channel I actually packed the secret rare quick ball I was so psyched , keep up the good work

Alex Bohuslawsky

So at 5:47 we just gonna ignore the same mate mentioned earlier?

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A kitchen is incomplete without one of your cutting boards. Planning to save money for one. I don't think it's safe to upload this on YouTube, it's hardcore porn.

m brights

I think the way she sounds so cheerful is really off putting...It does the opposite of calming people.


Tal sac the queen, BxQ...But now Rxd5 threatening checkmate on d8...what a lovely narration. Thanks Mato.

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Meanwhile magnus Walking around at the back

Savvas Polycarpou

Prophylactic comes from Greek word : (means comes first) (means guarding, protecting). So you use the word great and exactly how it is meant to be used :)

Boy Tigas

Boring pronouncer

Lee Hackett

The person on the confetti was quicker to realise he’d won than Mike and Daniel


are public guys retards? it looks like they're 30 years old 650 ELO

John Bong Joey

I thought it would just be a video of Ben taking some short naps