Sonny & Cher on Letterman, November 13, 1987 (full show, stereo) + 2015

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I didn't know "I love you" was a lie!Your videos are informative and easy to understand.You guys are great.But if Im playing I make dumb idiot mistakes, and mess up fundamental concepts.Yea Clips is trash to me now.I used to play this Queen sac in Englund Gambit.A lot of Blitz Games startet with the Italian Two Knights Defense and most people with a rating about 1200-1800 try the fried liver attack :).

:How to Speed up your

:How to Speed up your

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WELL now you can

WELL now you can

It is the amazing one thank you.It would be cool if you did do retrospective on the three TNG films.Dude, you couldn’t even do bad stuff right.But I think you are beating a dead horse with ARM.Ivanchuk,grischuk.It would also be easy to level them with the table.Wait, ilan ba naging anak nla ni ga?That's why the bubbles came out." and then discarded?You basically overcooked it.

Perhaps psychologists should ponder on this more, and less on why people solve problems in ways different from psychologists.Keith’s final piece was actually really good.I wish the roads were 100 times faster so I could get to work in 36 seconds instead of a hour.In fact, its more corrupted than perfect.This is so fucking cool."the rage quit".If queen captures rook and after bishops goes for f6 the black king has to move to h7 and white is down.

I'm from Jersey (Newark NJ To Be Exact) But BIG BIGShout Out To Houston This Was One Of The Better Crowds I've Seen In A Long Time Across The Board The Energy And Restraint Was Phenomenal Shout Out Houston.It's still super fun, though!Mmmm looks delicious.Then again we've got Magnus behind the wheel, so who knows.Typical British propaganda.

Anh c th tm nhiu trn u ca kasparov c k.Where can I watch the World Chess Championship match?OP as fak imagine the things u can do with this shit u can literally 1v9.Can someone help me?SuggestionWinning Emanuel Lasker game, please.Thank you This Old Tony!As a retired teacher, lets think about why utubers are watching Your channel and not Roy Underhill.Please tell me wtat is the name of this game.Not the same Alkhine of the future, he seemed to lack a plan in the middle game and waste over 10 moves doing nothing but he was only 15,some years later he became devastating.

Nf6but he then didn't know 8).

Nf6but he then didn't know 8).

I adore this work, congratulations!We're gonna this, we're gonna that.Great positional game.Amy and Pete put their egos aside?But great video Linus!7:49 the white one should have moved his rook in front of the horse of black there's where he lost.

I would totally put magnus in a time machine to go back in time and play Fischer

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Great stuff! I'm keen on seeing the third part. Unless I missed it somewhere? This video seems to be the last one? There are ways to put video series in a playlist on your channel... That might also help you with organizing all your amazing videos.Anyways... Hope you finish making this chess set!

August Gremaud

That Trump joke was hilarious, really tough crowd

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Very nice and the music was perfect. Most you tubers can’t do both but you nailed it. (Or should say glued it) !!!


You make such great videos! It's too bad the YouTube ad revenue crap ruined hurt your page!

Targaryen Dynasty

Knowing about Zagreb is painful

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My parents met on this song.They are divorced now.

Jean Paul

Nakamura blew it. Totally blew it.

Nicolai Mortensen

The "tinny" sound could be due to the lack of a 5Ohms load resistance. Could try a 5Ohms power resistor in parallel with your recording device. Just a thought...

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hello, just stop by for a very easy English session t

Bruce Ricard

You are making it fancier by not playing Qe1 Qe2 in the last 2 positions before letting the pawn queen :)



Sandra Bradley

So much of human, history can be summed, up in this one game of kings, wars battles history in general.tyrants, leaders nobleman you can tell who, they are by just how, they play.

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10:11 is ridiculously well disguised


Great job man

Raymond's Michielini

Yes we all have what it takes to do what you have done superbly! We need to hone what you have done easily thanks for inspiring

Rubi Abid

Very nice video mam

Pankaj Kumar phy

acha h


fucking audience wishes they were all 1 linus torvalds

Ct-7567 Captain rex

His name is Zach not jerry

The White Piano Key

wow, now you can see who watches the first one to the end, and the second one to :)

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