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If u fall for this u dont have a brain and an iq so i want the vid to die.Just discovered your channel, awesone stuff!There's a reason they don't make linear railsrods from aluminum.Dude, you are fantastic!But I simply had the feeling Carlsen just knew better how to get into positions that are already calculated out AND also knew better how not to get into situations, where he loses control.Great video, I think it's very honest and humble that you've shared you learnings, even if it didn't turn out perfect.The dread Scott case was in the 1840s.

Algebra left the chat.Another great one.I was amazed at how Carlsens "knight shuffle" completely flummoxed so many GM's.Literally swallows his pride 5:08.They play crazy but entertaining nevertheless.I don't see why 19.So sad i can't attend, this is a time when I regret that I live in Serbia.So shame for bubbles and visible light from bottom of rock and ground between place but too late after freeze.The tempo, the classical music, the acting, everything.

One of favorite purchases.

One of favorite purchases.

A lot of work for something that really doesn't have the appeal of a cheap ten quid bamboo chopping board.This video helped me realize that math is involved in everything that we do, even in the board games we play.I've been playing it for about two years now and it's really great to see Larsen himself have such a beautiful game with opening named after him.They followed him in adulthood.One thing you may want to consider doing a piece on is RCA when they went to Dynagroove in the mid 60s and then Dynaflex.Oil ki jageh ghee le sakte hein kyaa.It would look so nice.I built Norms blanket chest in 1991 or 92.

Who the fuck is moving their dining room set while having a coughing fit back there?Love your work very creative.If you asume your starting point is door 0 and the cats are at -3 and 3, you could model the probability of a step as a discret model with half a dirac delta at 1 and -1 (.On a side note, the night time music is so nice, it made me feel most ghost hunters.It’sprobably gonna increase and I’m gonna have to wait a whole year again to buy a 1060 at 300$ which is what I did and fuing repeat.Wht a game And full energeticanalysis.You can throw in numbers and find the graph.PEW PEW DIEPIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.What you have done so far is not taught in schools, you have basically self taught your self with endurance and push forward in completing your project such as this saw mill you built.

""Coz you're a vegetarian"Ahahah.Ayyye this was posted on my birthday!It should have a white king.But by the time I am thinking better not to think about tonesnotes during an improvation or playing, but if you need to learn and practise its important to get security and always a base.Suggestion This is old but I came across this now attack piece sacrificeIdk if you've already shown this.I need to get this game.Aww I wish you weren't sold out." i love this guy.

The queen is far more active on

The queen is far more active on

You can do that?But perfectly quantised music that is super accurate loses its soul, the brilliance of an instrument is in the personal flaws of the artist.In my youth,I used to be an assistant cabinet maker in New Jersey (aka, tea boy!Please could you tell me Josef Prusa's contact.What if whn black played Bc5, white moved with Qd2.Wow sick people.It's the same 3 insufferable cunts over and over again.After rock b5 and king a5,I play b4.One possible outcome is White winds up taking Queen,Rook and knightBlack ends up taking Queen and white square bishop.Don't for get about your first subscribers when you become rich.

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I can look about 2 moves ahead any idea how far ahead BF could plan and carry out?From the above video it appears he is seeing about 10 moves ahead, am I wrong?


the Qbert chess board

Florian Peter

Some magnets would make it even more neat

Thandolwethu Silimela

WOW! Can't wait to see it!

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Top demais

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Einzelfahrt Kurzstrecke

If you deliver a power adapter - what are the batteries for? And please guys: What kind of warranty will you provide in europe?

N Ballweg

i noticed you always say for example "bishop TAKE h6" why dont you say "takes"?


The reverse of the thumbnail would be true for my caseComplimentary Lounge access


Wow that hovering kid was so annoying. Who talks this much at someone else's game? No manners.

roberto R

But which one is the master debater, and which one is the cunning linguist?

Ma Ya

8:40 looks like an urban city :)

Rodrigo Weilg

My lecturer totally stole this lol

Bae Suzzy Adap

It looks so beautiful

Stonehead 62

Nice job thanks what type of wood was the bowl made from?


i live in the mountains, so beach :)

Molly Preato

what type of wood do you use, or rather NOT use for cutting boards. I usually work with pallet wood to make high end trays and tables. so often i have alot of pine. can i use pine for cutting boards or is it not dense enough?

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Thats why intelligent never defeated with anyone, like she try read the boy mind's he let her to over read the mind ! So never underil istemate the power of boy mind it

aspera astra

Regia pessima!!

Carl Rundle

2:33 What opening will you never play? I guess a good canditate would be the berlin Said the frenchman