Solving The EXTREMELY DIFFICULT Wave 7 Puzzle!!

4After 5) Qh4, he goes Ke2 ans still manages to win.Another great vid.That's what "the attack plays itself" means.Nice job, Stewart !3 112 123 235 538 8-44.Rook back to Rh8 from black after he castled seemed to make this all happen.

Great info, as usual very informative when it comes to opening.I find it weird that in Book 1 it says Voldemort had slits like a snake but here in the film he has a normal nose.When your the best in the world and won't even let the poor creature start with the white pieces.22:56 why do they say he needs a 6?This is another excellent video explaining the geochemical and cosmological process involved in creating gold the precious metal.Thanks for the excellent analysis and history.Just because of that They're gonna tune in didn't Caffiene know that i guess not.Somebody needs to see if that girls ok.

John from Ontario Canada saying thank you that was very helpful for sharing this video.(Now I cant believe, perhaps that was connected with something different).Fuck toggi :(just kidding, hi toggi.I FOUND THE MOVE !Great project too!I could imagine using this for some favorite design ax handles.Who think that indian guy is intelligent!

You've paid excellent attention to your dad !EDIT: darn it was bishop to c6 :(.But I have to chime in with the others that it is almost nerve-wrecking to watch you, Jerry, bleed away so much time in the beginning, talking us through nearly every aspect of the position.I almost cried when they leave moe.Absolutely loving it, keep on with the build.That is a good looking piece of shop furniture.Own personal drug store, doctor.

Ang batos ang lalaki.Never been a fan of these games but heck watching tas videos is a helluva fun.I know Bruce's song there (Secret Garden) is not similar, but I don't know why I keep doing this relation.May tnh qua ghe.Reminds me of the old 2d original Macintosh battle chess.I found the move so easily.Patient is very important :).Only thing I would have done different would be to wipe off the epoxy under bottom edges of the table as I was pouring the epoxy to save myself the extra job of having to saw off the dried epoxy.

If a waiting

If a waiting

Regularly watch this video, as I find your editing and composition for making videos to be among the best, and this one of yours is one of my favorites.Gary Kasparov is the greatest chess player of all time.At 3:20 the drummer in the background starts playing enter sandman.WriteLine(numberGrida, b)Console.They do exactly what you did: check his moves against an engine.Discrimination is freedom.You continue to bring the players to life with your channel and the stories, they are no longer just names in a book.Do u follow the SCC?Ads no value if it was an antique to begin with!

These kind of videos really help.Fk it i just resign.Bobby Fischer he ain't.We are still talkinga about chess right.Ooo do this with higher dimensional spheres!The next carriage is going to have to use some scissors to keep the tool perpendicular to the work.Why not rook to c5 instead, that way you'll defend your bishop when it attacks the inevitable lost pawn of his?

Hello brother, Away from work

Hello brother, Away from work

Very detailed and informative.Argh hey he- hold still Anna!Now i want to get a 3D printer :D.I m a free man, nd i like to spend time in this kind of healthy positive activities.Well, its time to beat Harry.But it wont be checkmate bec.I love how Miles turns mildly gangster because his shirt says Mean.4k thumbs up, when I upvoted.Some nice shirt".

Seor M

Never invade Russia in winter, you’re a wise man John

i'm Romanian

This is art...amazing chess board.

Arriaga Two

The cute little girl was waiting for something to her

Doug In Texas

Weird strange people top to bottom.


Now everyone is gonna know this line...thanks Seirawan...just kidding great lecture!!

Gabriel Teixeira

Actually, agadmator, you've pronnounced the full name of Augusto correctly. But the name of Joao is, in fact, Joo, and it is pronnounced somelike Jo-all in english. And the video is great, by the way! I'm very proud of Brasil. It's the best Evan's Gambit game i've ever seen. Thank you!

Simon Wilson

Hey! The tutorial was very inspiring up until the Player Platformer Script bit - I have no idea what I am supposed to do here - at the bottom of the linked page there are two scripts, what to do with them, how to import etc? I am a total beginner so some guidance here will be really appreciated!

Caleb Wright

I liked the puzzle in the begining



K Smith

very very good

ashish kumar

Ashvin Sir ye channel bhi badhiya hai aur aap is channel ko bhi continue karo hindi channel ke sath...

vishal chavda

later... in A. Alekhine vs E.Bogoljubov game... alekhine win with massive strike attack and took revenge....

cristi cristian

what ppwerfull voice you have ..


Nice combover...

RG Horserada

When I saw Fino Herrera here.


Excellent craftmanship! also very enteraining to watch

Satyanarayana Vusirikala

I like all your videos.... They provide a very detailed analysis.

Kevin Ning

Who won?

Slavica Vukanic



That's the worst chess set I've ever seen. Everything that can possibly be wrong with a chess set, is wrong with that chess set, i.e., squares too small for the pieces, poor contrast between the white and black squares, poor contrast between the white and black pieces, and non-standard, abstract, difficult-to-identify pieces. As a bonus, you set up the board wrong, in more ways than one. You have a darker-grained square in the lower right-hand corner, when it is supposed to be a white square ("white on right"), and you managed to put the kings and queens in the wrong positions on both sides of the board. The kings are supposed to be on E1 and E8, and the queens are supposed to be on D1 and D8.On the other hand, the video was entertaining, except for the music.

Tzisorey Tigerwuf

Is that a quaternion?I never understood quaternions.

Glenn Adrian Reyes


paolo pananacci

it is a Dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Que opinas del pity alvarez?


1. Kd3 wins. lol

L1me VR

ayyy 1 min in to the vid. 44 hrs and 30 min left :D

Martin Spalding

that reminds of the wheel lock pistols , great work matevery inspiring

Tall Jack

Jerry, small correction at approx. 40 mins into the vid when Black plays c4! to open the g1-a7 diagonal. The idea here is good and useful, but this doesn’t win a piece, just a pawn. For example, after 1. c42.f4!,Qc5 3 Be3,cxd34.cxd3,Qa55.f5 forking the two minors and recovering the piece.


Sucks u have to watch from white pos every game.that first bullet game finegold got a 9 sec handicap

James Kerins


Jonathan Farrell

you look 16 without facial hair :p

D Guitar

Great list, but I would have found a spot for MORE THAN A FEELING.

Evo K

North Korea subscribed to your channel...