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If you put this table, fixed, up for sale, I can almost guarantee that it will sell.Magnus has a really nice sense of humor.You could have made this quicker if you had a CNC router ).60% of this is straight b Richard Kuklinski lied about a lot of the hits that he did proven in court.

If white rook goes h5 to h4 checking king, white king goes d4 to c3 defending b4 pawn and now whiteRook cannot move along the 4 or 1 line and neither can white rook stop the Bh4pawn's advance without trading rook for pawn, which would leave white with a rookpawn vs pawn.If you told me this was the son of Elon Musk, i might believe you.What happens 3:38 when you knight to e2 instead of king d1?Another McDonald's Massacre: Scott Morrison in Engadine, 1997.What's the primer?

Thanks for the lecture, couldn't solve

Thanks for the lecture, couldn't solve

He's really funny here.They started fighting back.Love the channel, btw!At the age of this i am watching this.First time that in the comment section of a chess video people actually know how to play chess.At 1:53:45 did Magnus miss.Me not beginner.U heard a female and I heard female and a male.Uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Cam dropping Effect.

Hammer learned one of the most important lessons of life: People are more interested in destroying others than improving themselves.Just no nonsense explanation, no fusses, no product placement.2k this way its u also crush their confidence, self-esteem and maybe the love for this game.Impressive Let’s have a Game: GrandWizerd.And a knight with 2 swords looks kinda ridiculous.GM dulemaster is Serbian player, dule is a nickname from Dusan which is the serbian name.I sold two table saws and bought the Kreg ACS Master System.Wish I had the patience, alot of hours but worth the effort, well done looks great.

Hundreds of hours over 3 years to make a table that looks like a cutting board?0:37 am I the only one seeing that illegal room move?Can any human besides magnus be really this good ?Somtimes you are so stupid.I think you could have hold the game with 27 rd5 instead of kf8?Trying to restart my programming journey.I watched the game yesterday.You move the rook H4 and use it to defend the king like after F1 black rook youll do F4 white rook.

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Why would you all that machinery to make a little box, when you can just use hand tools?


Narrator: So how can you apply these lie-spotting techniques to your life?Me: So how can I structure my lies better to avoid detection using these lie-spotting techniques in my life?Thanks TED-Ed!

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Kaya natatakot ako mag asawa kasi ganito ang kinakakatakutan koRelax lang BONITAWALA TAYU SA KG ..


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Why didt magnus go f4 to h5? Then queen c3 to g2 3:47

Ari Ari

wow that stand on theeh on the whit the horse Queen King tower

paddy b

Absolutely lovely your friends are so lucky I loved every minute of your video great work


Don’t care about him killing people but he should have left the animals alone


Such a powerful video.

Sergio Gabriel

It sound like magic.... Wonderfull job. Congrats

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More like: The one who draws, wins

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As any woodworking nut I’ve spent a small fortune on plans, projects and tools. If you’re just beginning start up with Woody Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible.

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You are an amazing maker Jimmy, an inspiration for me and a lot of guys here in Brazil. Thank you for your videos and work!

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Did you transpose your keyboard? The C key sounds like an F


I think the A and H Files are crucial as you have half the defenders compared to any other file. Furthermore this could take precedence over the "Take towards the center" axiom for captures on the C-file and F-File. Taking towards the center on c6 for example means losing another defender for the A-file


this really made me laugh for some reason...not only blundering the rook but instantly getting checkmated.

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Well done


This was a true joy to experience. I had to replay the video just to lay back and listen to the music. Thank you for this.