Soccero Board Game Video Review

You guys better try to sit on 1 table.I always enjoy your commentaries.You’re very talented!

I just searched your channel for 'mental checklist' or something similar.But love it though.If I have more than a dollar I have a intuition that sometimes that five dollar bill belongs to them.I don't like castling personally.Please fix the sound - your voice is too quiet and the piece moves too loud.I look under your name 19.Ang gwapo ni Vance Larena.The board is beautiful but I personally prefer it clear, with no coordinates.

Excellent work done all

Excellent work done all

Whats your secret mo?"I am not even aware about any songs about chess" Well dear let me tell you about this little magical thing called Chess the musical :D.Does this help align them or just a cheap and easy way to get them off the bench surface?My dad is a mechanic.Made the work look a little sloppy.Someone earlier also pointed out that you can use binary to work it out.SCENARIO 1Alice sees 20 treesBingo, Alice can answer I know there are 20 trees, and they both are freed.Am I the only one who noticed in most or all of the videos she reviews that it's the same guy with the same hands.Buy your shit elsewhere.All german innovatuons are stolen.

I think you

I think you

It is a gem for the learners.Locate: androidcircuitsolverapp.So many sorting algorithms and my life chooses BOGO to sort itself.Its a piece of art.10:25Error: scetch.

Cool video and concept thanks.

Cool video and concept thanks.

Wow you really didn't get that?Congratulations "You are excellent makers of chess miniatures".(I have tried to incorporate Ione or two of those hit numbers, though).So happy super GM's are posting more on YT.I read that this thing (don’t want to say the name) is one of the worst !

Tan Dung Huynh

Bac lam n cho em hoi? Tai sao phuc 3:22 khng th ly qun hu n tt a. Thanks all.

Emre Uluda

Semih saygner

robert shaw

Your presentation is very interesting. You presented it in graphic form which always helps. Nicely done I think

Mike Lucas

What the purpose of this, it seems to shallow for a bowl, and heavy, because its to thick at bottom. :(

Nothing is Real

Now I can understand why all those chess boards are flat.

Tuan Ngo


Ajinkya Baxy

GRENKE Chess : whom is vishy talking about around 8:31

Ebenezer Stooge

The penny should be abolished. Period.

Howling Claw

0:41 thats a lie tho?