So - Aronian in Wijk aan Zee, Analyse: Der Fehler des Jahres?

He keeps saying 4 billion but it's much more like 4 and a half billion roughly.Many end up flipping burgers.There’s a mistake in the analysis at 9:10, Caruana couldn’t have captured the f6 pawn with the room as first he needed to capture the h6 pawn.Its new for me nice video.Excellent outcome.The Australian mathematics olympiad is a pathway to many numbers some consider to be.

The bonus is a stronger edge.Your room is amazing!She has special gift from god,that no ones can buy to her.I realised the method I had to use, but was too lazy to think it through after I got to the part that bob must see at least 4 trees, so I just saw the video.Don’t mind me, just hoping I get into part two.I want to watch more mario maker 2 vids.The name should be atomic nucleus.It's where the term gardyloo originates.

Swinging as millions

Swinging as millions

16:20 to skip ad.They are gods they can easily make a wall."The level below rusty".Don’t worry about your camera not being good enough neither is Your video.Very difficult position for my opponent proceeds to pour tea.This project is cool.Make it educational.Lol I felt that I pushed hard with my 6040 this evening then this shows up.23:27 I don't get it?Incredible work jimmy.

Brilliant exploitation play by yi,

Brilliant exploitation play by yi,

The "caveman attack" comment gave me a good belly laugh.Ooo I wanna make some.1:12 what happened?Clearly a Fairly Good player, uh, 3000, clearly.People are doing this now.What the tape your use?It is not fun when you have ppl sitting around Magnus constantly blabbering.That's disrespectful.

Y'all know that alongside hunters,

Y'all know that alongside hunters,

Just listened to the podcast It was very nice of you to share the spotlight with Medo.This video was exactly as long as it needed to be.How awesome it would be to have available a MMX Music Maker for your fans, on their personal computer or other devices.I really like the design mate!Your eye hand coordination is magnificent as is your eye, itself!Are they really cracks?

Im not an online gamer im more about fallout, sims 4 tomb raider and like alone combat i just dont like to talk and play at the same time.However, in my opinion, you put too many tentacles (and also) too long.In the 4:06 they would definitely go with the horse.Metal is unyielding and cold.Hurray your BACK!Paul Morphy at 8 years old would smash me even without rooks.Thanks for sharing your videos!

Rubenstein opened a big

Rubenstein opened a big

Is it geometry or is it calculus?This is why you wash your hands.Through all time?A4 %clk 00:00:30 Nc3 %clk 00:08:39 43."WhiteElo "1766"BlackElo "3217"TimeControl "300"1.I'm wondering, why you aplying varnish on table?It's small enough to fit in a work apron or tool belt.Wow this is an excellent lesson.The traditional look really suits her.I find it a bit weird to hear an obvious Britisch voice pronouncing the "Z" the US American way.


Anna: The Queen always stays on her own colorFischer Random: Am i a joke to you?

christine mutisya

Loving the end results when shall we ever get there in terms of technology. ..wish you can get a chance to bring such in kenya that would be of help to many artisans!

Julio Mercado

good job. i like the style.

Astro Astra

that guy in red shirt in crowd like carlsen

Dyana Mullican

And good for a beginner project. Thank you.

Vinh oOo

0:58 M trng ln n D4 ch :v

Sidheeque Tharalil


Brokenstar Gaming

Wonderful i will use this for my content


0:27There I am! I only played three games, but I won all three. The GreatBlueDonut strikes again!

Savage sahin



Perfect plastic Dubrovnik set. better than the one that's out there.

I digress

Peter - I am a new subscriber and love the resin work you do - I have also looked at Frank Howarth and others who are similarly turning wood/bowls/rolling pins....and what makes this channel so much better.... is you!!your enthusiasm and method of communicating your thoughts really pops and engages with the viewer. Personality makes a good channel and I look forward to seeing what you attempt in future. PS - gong to look for second hand lathes on ebay!!

Peter Woodward

You are a true star, so helpful and simple.

MS Thalamus

I didn't know they had whiteboards in the 70s. I remember only black boards and occasionally green chalk boards! :)

Michelle Evans

Another good one!


But if you try to solve the problem with 3121 you come to a contradiction.It simply doesn't work.3121 / 5 = 624 leftover 1 for the monkey3121 - 624 = 24972497 / 5 = 499 leftover 2! The monkey therefore would get two coconuts which does not happen in the problem.Hence 3121 is false.

Vanlalvawna B

Didn't play in it because it was a school day!Really wanted to have some chess fun! Please make the next tournament at a Saturday!

Terrence Davis

Skip refuses to see that Bron is dealing with something deeper. His comments always sounds like players need to shut up and dribble


Gateway sounds like a group of assholes

Titan Attitude

Big blunder and big blunder

taufik setiawan

Bang tahun ini bikin lagi sucrd dong

Debjit Ghosh

10:11 yes...being a computer science student..damn I was excited too

Khoa Tran

8:45 how does this work for the key of C minor?

Jwax Mcgeeg

why is fucking with you? I love your vids..