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70s porn music annoying.Kids were disrespectful cunts!Amazinggood job.Maybe it’s just me.Are we just gonna forget about product deathmatch.

It’s AMAZING and if wasn’t real and you wrote it as a movie it would never be believable.The amount of times you almost hit him in the face with your papers started to become hilarious.Vietnam war would be cool to see oversimplified.1:40 cool insight.WHATTTTTTT THE FUCKKKK HE GOT ALL FREAKING 3 OF MY CARDS.

Otherwise, great vid.You forgot to include your DIRESTA metal plate you inlaid in the concrete the floor of your building!Fantastic lecture style - so many teachers could learn from his question and answer technique.This guy's casting his own game while playing!You did an excellent great job my friend, really well done!2017:neh 2018:not yet2019:wanna see an axe be made.What I do know is that it is a beautiful peice and neefd to be shown.He had the substance appear on the blinds in that house in Indiana in the movie "Demon House.It's a good game but how come Morphy doesn't play a beastly opening like 1.

Stop saying duckies ffs.Did she say "capoot"?Had you chamfered those edges before assembly and not after it might have gone together more smoothly.Lengthfor (var c 0 c colsc) var item rowc tableHTML 'td' item 'td'tableHTML 'tr' return "table border'1'" tableHTML "table".Oh, yah, and you'd still crush him at arm wrestling, lol.I am worried about proper adhesion.

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Nararamdaman ko dinyan pina palo ako ng kuya at mama ko at si lola ang sakit nga pero hindi ko dinadamdam ang sakit mopo kung pinapalo po kayo at hindi ninyo dinadamdam.By getting there must mean Carlsen was prepared to sacrifice his queen?Glad to be the first person to view this.The top tier and vets are consistent and elevate.What, 600 euro for what is basically just a part of DIY extrusion machine (or rather a small toy that resembles it)?5januari 2020 Yang sama Like.Hola Matto:DD Saludos desde Mexico:3!

What kind of milk did you use?The modern British line of succession was purposely reset at Sophia of Hanover so pretty sure there's a bunch of Africans, pacific islanders and other undiscovered peoples who are in no way "royalty".11:56 this kid looks so different from his side.The real winner is ivanchuk.Why e5 when you can go exd5?I'm shitty at chess but I love it so could someone pls explain why at 12:06 eric allows nxd3 instead of playing bxb2?I like the goofy face.Hehe that initial quote is true for capa vs lasker match.Holy fuck the first one.Your friend sounds like me.

Another good link to checkout.Amazing work on this board and thank you for your time.Black’s only move is to move bishop to g8.1:04 if you win, you get to keep your life.That porta cable lam router is my favorite tool I've ever owned!1random Buy a painting by ZZB BestZZB and SNhailey on IG.YT is really tending to my needs of 'detailed descriptions of things you'll never do but would like to know how to do' content.It reminds me of the Zagreb '59 set from House of Staunton.

Alpha zero robo jerry.Why is this called the Evans Gambit when Larry Evans wasn't even born during these times?It is quite possible she cheated but no proof, so we will never know.Bonito e delicioso!This mL I love it 24hous to see.So the toilet champion's gone.I have to ask, is it work it to make one without power tools other than personal satisfaction?

Jef Pauwels "Red move, you fool, you fell victim to one of the classic blunders."Me: "Undo and try something else" "Orange, you idiot"Me: "Good enough"


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2:28 go () has little to do with chess. you're thinking of chinese chess ().

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Dear Danny, please, please, please take a desk job at Sincerely, casual fans everywhere.

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I so wanted that fastgrip to set and stick your screwdriver to the block lol

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