SML Movie: Jeffy's New Dad!

43:25 : "i guess the move" eeeee shut the fuck up.Awesome project!8:48 Why didn’t black knight take rook on g8 for free?

HE WILL RUIN THE WHOLE PEACE BECAUSE IS FEARLESS.Its been 7 years this video uploaded and its 2020!13:52 i've seen a mate in 2 bishop d3 king takes knigh them queen g3 its all forced.Pl explain start and install method.Lol he saw a nasty Knight fork coming 12 moves ahear, while my 50% of my loss in blitz is 1 move ahead Knight bitchy jumps.If you DON'T LIKE this comment won't recieve the letter to HOGWARTS!

Bantu sub my chanel.

Bantu sub my chanel.

Accessory to murder.5:13 What's the point of the knight on a5?How thick are your pennies?Never use drywall screws for anything other than drywall!IVE BEEN HERE SINCE ALI A GOT POSSESSED AND SUMMONING TOM IVE BEEN HERE BEFORE 1M.Just u guys playing with the concept great.Iddoke kandh Dileepettane verrukaan pacchula.Withoutblablablabla.

I think it made Siri laugh.11:49"d7 is coming".What did you smear on?His opponent seemed pretty weak.However, not so good on the chess game.Nice video i subscribed hehehe.

And he was nothing but a jerk.Great stuff,keep it upp.1 hint on the wall-mounting:Instead of those ugly brackets u might use a slim L-shaped aluminium profile 1 side screwed into the wall, the other below the shelf.When I look for hard wood around where I live all they offer is oak.I know the first 2 moves of the french defense.AMAZING ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

Forgotten genius.One is white rerouting his bishop to b3.The other e's are like the 'e' in 'tower'.Magnus lost because he came too early.I was under the impression that everything has a marginal market value.Crabs always lie.It is built by hard soul destruction and reconstruction, but most importantly, understanding it.369- let's here it from :T.The only good move for black after that would be bishopH6 to try and control the D2 square, but pawnH4 followed by pawnG5 is coming to block.

I wish I could haveplayed with Michail tal but he died before I was born.Soar-ahn, Sore-in, Sir-in, Sir-on, Soar-en.Those guys can do it all, so they aren't using some crap anyone on Youtube can see through.Zach is overthinking and letting his anxiety shut him down I relate to this so hard.8 year old me : Give me candy 8 year old speaker: Give me some chemicals for pyrotechnics.So he moves it to c6.In English splendor hahahaha.I subscribed even though I am not worthy.I never thought of it as depression so I guess I got that going for me.Am I the only one that misheard "Martin Gardner" into "Market Gardner"?

Who else is slightly annoyed that he says

Who else is slightly annoyed that he says

I know (or suspect) that Ben is joking, but does he know that it rains a lot more in, say, Rome than in London, and there is more precipitation in New York and other places in the US than in London.Wheels have to be 90 degrees you piece of sh it.Those can't be healthy.50:00 COUNTRY ROOOOOAAADDDSS TAAAAKKEEE MEEE HOOOOMMME.And looks wet the dot in the middle looks like its running paint I'm wanting to see if there is an M now that shows up I'm only half way through the video just now when the board moved in basement.So that'show my big, beautifulblack guitar was created.I understand it's likely easier to whirl through these easily online however I appreciate the use and effort of using a real board.


This literally made me feel a lot better

Crazy Dave 652

3:58 rip headphone users

Jobie banais

nag ka anak na lahat .. lahat janitor tapos. trending to .relate much

hayley granger

Does it count if i give thumbs up here


Now we gonna play some serious stuffprecedes by playing g5

Daniel Mcgrew

It’s amazing how you create art the way that you do I’m really inspired by it and I’m progressing well with what you have shown in your videos !! It would be way cool to win that heart


Agad, can you do the game between Magnus Carlsen and Bartosz Socko. That Knight tactic is so interesting. And im super stoked i saw that before Magnus did it, and called it out to my cousin's man.


you'll need to replace the caps in that.

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