SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Playtime

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Some of them are nice others

Some of them are nice others

Was "falling down" inspired by him?I love how Josef uses "perfect tryhard English" at the very beginning and then switches to "we're all friends here English" :).GJChess at 9:21 what happens after Kxg ?Everything about this is so badass!The last time I made a chocolate cake, I bloomed the chocolate and was very impressed with how it turned out.Your upload rate is incredible Jerry.People can do whatever they like, doesn’t mean it’s right.

Nambabae pinabayaan kami ng mga kapatid

Nambabae pinabayaan kami ng mga kapatid

If I use a pre-written script for the player and I have already animated the player (I've animated a standing, running, and jumping animation without spine).Are those your notes pegged on the letterbox?If someone is willing to pay 300.I need to grow my beard.Against lesser opposition it would be a brilliancy, but against such a legendary player as Karpov, and played during a world championship match?Sneaky sip of water 9:22.The best preserved or most historically significant headstones were arranged in a special location of the new park, and a memorial to the people interred in the cemetery listing all known burials was put in a place of honor.That must have took some time to make.

Moe: how do you make capital

Moe: how do you make capital

Thanks Paul Morphy.The two bishop retreats to make way for the King are essential.My biggest compliments to you.Why you didnt finish it ?This video inspired me to procrastinate even more.12 years later, still a gem.And it is a sport, although a cerebral one.

It's a whole world of discovery, artistry, logic and excellence, and your commentary makes it digestible and enjoyable.Once you've figured that out, you can just apply the formula to 1596 and it works out to 3121.WTF final boss, but my defeat :'v.Hi, do u make those to sell them?That's because carlsen's position is called fortress.I already graduated with an ME degree.

The two pilots (Canadian Howie Cleveland and

The two pilots (Canadian Howie Cleveland and

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The queens are correct

The queens are correct

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Best yet.....

Andrea Cazzaniga

Haven't watched the video yet but I would like to remind everyone that a gentleman (by accident called paul morphy) did eventually loose against the queen.

Ramer Call

I used to watch a videos of a girl who was filming herself and her friends as mermaids. The intro of her show was with this music. The show got cancelled, and she deleted all the videos. But I was looking for the intro music every singe day. I finally found it, and Im so happy right now!

what the

If black moved his rook to b8 (something fancy) then white would be in trouble

Al Breit

Great job, always using odds and ends pieces of wood you have laying around. Enjoy watching you and you channel. Thanks for sharing

Benny C.

24:36 no Nxd6 next for double fork ?

Shing Geul

This was so much fun to watch!


5:00 The rook's death was bad meat????? xD This game is silly.7:15 I now understand why all the comments are saying the Bishop is savage. Jesus Christ. HAHAHAHA! X'D I think the bishops are worse than the knights!12:00 WHAT IN THE ABSOLUTE F-!?18:03 BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! XDThis game is hilarious. Maybe not to constantly play it, but upon discovering it I got a good laugh. Thanks.

Gottfried von Bouillon

I don't know how many times I've watched this video...

Awestech TV

Yo I go to my Chinese bakery to buy this bread and it's so fucking lit and tasty

Jason Hockett

Fantastically mind blowing work lol


yeah, we all want to move 5 or 10 pieces when the other side moves once

woah man

What’s inside a magic milk

I am everywhere

Akechi is proud of this video


The way they are going with these tiny parts, I bet they use 150gms/5oz Titanium every day... Watching this video makes me somewhat proud to be Swiss, even though I live in Australia, sadly owning mainly Chinese/Taiwanese hobby-machinery...(apart from some Makita and Bosch hand-tools etc.)


Carlini is like Kozo Hoshino! He has to talk a lot, otherwise he concentrates too much and then he makes a failure.

Emad Takla

What about instead of white moving the pound to d3 to attack the knight he moves the pound on f2 to f3 to attack the knight .What do you suggest. I am new at chess but I really love the game

Jason Yang

Whoa they switched seats. Did anyone notice

Ewa Kowalczyk

Very beatifoolMusik. Thank you.

Trinh Tu Oc


Robert Lunsford

Unlike every other sponsored video on YT, you got your thumbs up at the beginning of the pitch. Classic segway.


why does that old guy apologize everytime he gets excited, it bums me out

col stace

Please tell me the guard was left off just for video clarity !!

Ranu Patel

Ivanchuk looser