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Just cover the mixing bowl.We do have security here.K shine 2-1 debatable 30 no body.

"missing the L there?

"missing the L there?

Keep doing you, Steven.After that you only damage the brain function with intellect(bothersome) moves!Yea there different alright.This is a great video.Just like my association with you.It does (I have a plan in my head), but I want to know how simple you can make it.My friends told me that the trick was awesome.Well, if it's super hetero, it's definitely not a gay radio.As I suspected, completely unwatchable due to the yammering.Seems like the ghost is a chess expert level 1,000,000,000.

These are words that I learned from my father.John is so cute.Bro I’m new to these Sherlock Holmes shenanigans, bring it back to the back of the class please lol.The way he's doing it looks like pretty low-qual work if you compare it to say something from the House of Staunton.Why not to win the queen with Bb6 at 5:48 ?I like your stuff so complite.She didn't explained properly.

Do you think that opponent is

Do you think that opponent is

Fucking bubble sort is the stupidest.3 am and i dont even know how to play chess.Biased complaints of panic maker.I was with you until the end when you said the insulation is optional - I strongly disagree.Jhibbitt1 Get it?

Such a delight, I could listen to Mr.Surely after d4xc5 black cannot recapture not because of BxP winning a pawn, but because of QxQ winning a queen.I've lost my words.This was like watching one long belch fueled by pizza, lite beer and bong hits.I feel like capablanca could time travel to 2019 withi his knowledge and no theory and be a top player.

Lol, beautiful work, you're insane.At 13:55 night at f3 can take the pawn one5.Check my channel for more info about me.But for beginners they serve the same purpose in terms of the subclass being able print something different using the same method name.These days Crystal and ceramic block filters can be made for 6kHz and 100kHz bandwidth.

Thanet Phoumsavanh

Watch the last 30 sec at x0.5 still too fast for my brain


Hey bro, can you tell me the size of the pieces in centimeters? thank you

Bhupinder Osan

suggestion please cover the games of fide championship 2020 from 5 march to 15 april for selecting world champ in fide candidate champ 2020

Chess Tok

Please tell me nimzo Indian defence

anjas moro

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Phi Nguyen

doggo <3

Ryan Got It

Damn everybody getting to a bucket in this episode

Circle Mot

I like your teeth.

Warren Dew

Poor Artemiev has to face Carlsen and Caruana in his last two games.

Jon Cotton

"again" "again" "again" "again"

Xeno Benoit

Better safe than sorry

Rasad Hossin

My need

Juliano Gama

Well done Jacob, so young, so strong

Kristal Swammy

bud the black had you in check....


We have derivation for quadratic formula


bd2 is actually good go use the engine in 5th move white stand a lot better


Unfortunate ending for Dada. Its not over until checkmate