SketchUp Skill Builder: Modeling a Chess Set Part 3 - Rook

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It's 0 or 1

It's 0 or 1

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I could never repay.

I could never repay.

Shop our new tie-dye tees and hoodies NOW: hoodie:.Or do you have 3 phase power in your shop?"If you don't have any good moves you have to make bad ones.Because obviously you can have 14 bishops on the board without them hitting each other, 8 on one edge, 6 on the other (everything but the corners on the opposite side).Thanks for sharing.At least my grandfather didn,t when bending 12x6 timber on wooden canal barge repairs 65 years ago just steaming.I think 5:12 is the same situation.But gross profit doesn't take into account my fixed costs, and so if my fixed costs are 50%, and I take your offer, then I make almost no money (0.Dangly pom poms near saw?Why Magnus coming late always.

Fischer lifts the game of chess

Fischer lifts the game of chess

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3:08 be like I'll kill you.I could help you with your Tom issue.If stockfish had pressured the h5 pawn with Qf7, and then alpha plays Bd6, couldn't stockfish just block with Ne7?Het kan niet saai.That was great---.

It would be great to have like a

It would be great to have like a

Razor blades for utility knife, shop towels, throw away brushes, rolls of plastic to cover other projects so nothing gets on them, buckets, and saw blades.Wow that looks great.Would love to know.Now flip it upside down and play Catan!Good game, Jerry.You must be so happy that you decided to add the extra channels around the outside.This is a weird episode of Thor.He moves the rook and the king in one move no?Also how would one know to start at 11 o'clock to find the sharps for Emaj, or go to 4 to find the flats for Ab?

Best ending ever!

Best ending ever!

We don't stick together.She didn't explained properly.Lol I get another chanel but I erased a lot of video on my tablet by mistake.Plus, you can find excellent deals on new servers if you try (cheaper than I can put it together!Someone had to be in them woods just messing with yalk.Absolute Insane Top Shelf Machining here folks.Moe- are you here with mespirit - yes, literally.


I spent a week trying to find this song on spotify and found it today. Tried singing the beginning of it to one of those song searchers, but i couldn't find it. I'mhappy this week is almost over now.

Victor Ulha

8:24 always make the same mistake twice LUL

Rob B

I sacrified all my pieced and accidentally summoned the devil

Home Hero Virul

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l love you bothmy sweetheart friend's omar and moe

Rights aren't Wrong

Brainwashing for the masses. The rocket scientist ignores the impossibility of space travel to keep his job and carry on indoctrinating the next generation. Newtons 3rd law!!! No Stellar parallax!!!


Beleza pura


TipoSanguineoA Especially the rebirth scene in Goblet of Fire

Davis Robinson

If you've never heard Fur lise...GET OUT

Stray Kidz

Who tf can throw out their back??

andony Castro

Estan bien chingonas


Nona Fries need to have a hammer to the knee cap

Vennom Scandi

i wonder if, in the context of card tricks, anyone has ever answered "no" to "you wanna see how it works?"

Abdul Hakim

Wow, I like how you solve it. Amazing, like an art. The flexibility of your thought process is simply Magic Magnus.

wesley verbrugghe

ive been watching Moe for some time now his funny and everything i get he doesnt care just playing and messin with ouija board but one day he might be very unlucky

Jeff Ducaju

Very clear analysis and explanation, very helpful. Thanks

Somto Vitus

Magnus sings while playing fast chess. I don't remember singing while playing even blitz.

Fernando Aruan

Lol.. hahahaa

lkjh hjkm

what linux distribution is this?


3...exd4 is the correct move sir.

Stella Juarez

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Stan Maden

Meh.... a guy did this with nothing but... bark strings, a machete and wood that was laying in the jungle floor, it was good as yours ...

The Fox

i said 3 because if you have 6 trees and a 50 % chance of each one growing a day then every day multiply the number of trees by 1/2 until the there were less than 1/2 my hopes of getting it right were increasing more and more until i saw it was 4.03...

Everett Cain

That's the guy from myth busters, right?

Desmond Turner

Wow john really made it, so happy for him

Ali Qazilbash

we appreciate the facts. they do wonders to one's awareness.absolutely zero sarcasm intended

SkyLight GachaMarbles

Ares you can't open water but still lol