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Presenting the newest hero of mobile legends popol and kupa Filipino people : polpol and kupal.What other sport does the world champion just show up and challenge all comers?Everyone should be insulted by his lack of a campaign.Dude, is this Tom's house?If I sacrifice a knight, it's mate in 3, but I'm the one getting mated.

Thrilling ending.Good lucki love your videos.It's extremely appreciated.If it was one by Mozart, it would be appropriate.

Please don't become

Please don't become

Cool voice catches though.Awesome video thanks man!2014: Woow best song 2020: Nostalgia.All I heard was "Stella.And whatever move you make its really no good because there isn't a good move here".I feel like I needed a cigarette after watching this and I'm not a smoker!I saw the move, but I wasn't sure although I was hoping it would be because it's cool.Thanks to people who organized it and thanks to Kasparov, who's definitely the best chess player of the whole chess history!You can use it indoors.

Really enjoyed that.

Really enjoyed that.

Who's this guy playing black pieces?Magnus: dFabiano: yes.I think you're taking this a smidge too seriously, given what was said at the very beginning of this video.10:48 Pretty funnystartling tuning into a new chessbrah video and hearing Hansen say hey to you on stream haha 3.He had nothing to do with Linux, whose Kernel was created by Linus Torvalds, and later entire OS Linux came into being due to GPLtools were put together as Distros.Outstanding job.

How do you flatten the

How do you flatten the

That said, keep up the good work.And I don't think she ever said, "Let them eat cake.Over a minute and he still pulls it off.Home of glorious Communism, and the land that became the glorious Soviet Union.This is really awesome!Bobby lee might be the fumiest human being to ever exist literally just staring at him for 5 seconds in enough to make me laugh.

She is only rated 1200.I have a stalker who wrote a 72 page essay defaming me and calling me a pedophile disgusting.Still there could have been a match.Keycode for a cellphone?LOL THEYRE SO BAD.Hey you that's a nice card you got there.


thanks you da man


I wish you'd cool it with on the on-screen graphics and let us see the paper in the situations where the on-screen graphics are not clearer.

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2:28 bagaimama jika lawan memakan pion kita dgn menggunakan en-passant ? Lalu jika benar, gerakan apa selanjutnya utk kita agar bisa meneruskan jebakan tsb. Mohon ralat kembali video nya



Etho :

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queen is a bitch!

Ivana Hanzic

best chess channel but this "hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!" breaking my ears every time I open the video and didn't prepare my ears for breakdown

Nader Abed

I'm in the minority here I guess. I find this really boring. Classical is dying because it presents itself as some extra high art when as time progressed sound became more complex and changing. There is much more variety now to express yourself with. This is only inspiring to those who are mainly familiar with more mainstream forms.

Geoffrey Gerow

Simon Williams is always entertaining and excellent at teaching chess.


Kuya totoo bana 24 hours yan

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Best move would be Rook :b2, locking the king on last line

Everett Schulte

There's an abundance of Vladimirs in the chess universe.