Sicilian Sveshnikov, 2nd Edition | Game 10 - 2018 World Chess Championship

But, man chess is truly his second or perhaps first nature.The bread board gluing is irrelavent because you've got mitred egde pieces holding the chess board from all sidesno spaces for expansion.I’ve been watching for a year now and this video made me feel it was worth it.

Beautiful beautiful piece!

Beautiful beautiful piece!

Who is(was) Levente lengyel?So, who is gonna tell him that the earth is actually flat?So the night-before pile was six, but could i add an integer amount that was 54 to it (going in reverse another night)?1:58:25Don’t count your penguins before they’re hatched.I got a Worldstar MG-6000 the same day you posted this video and I love these types of radios, I hope you get lots of use from your radio and have fun.Jack: I HAVE 23.This is art and woodworking porn all in one video.

Very nice looking set.Try hidden blade?6:44 Aronian doesn't even react anymore, he's like, "He pissed in that bottle right in front of me.A technical difficulty is like the audio going off or sth actually technical.Think its a very difficult script, but excellent done.

So beautiful chess setCongrats.

So beautiful chess setCongrats.

Defective plasma coils.Cant you just make spheres smaller and fill the rest 26% and the space left with even smaller spheres etc and you eventually fill everything.They are beautiful Great job!Fed went on to win 6 more titles that year including Wimbledon and 3 M1000 titles and reclaim the 1 ranking.So it means never buy something at a airport.At least the game is presented in more friendly and fun way, rather than pure theory and dead silence around.But not off course leastly huhaah".Hey can you think straight cause the problem is the rook queen and bishop.At least Magnus doesn’t have an ego.If people are wondering why at 32:13, the white Knight doesnt take the pawn a7, he addresses itat 49:20.

Kindly tell alternate of almond flour.This was a neat little treat to break up the usual content a bit- much appreciated, Mr.Vietnamese :Remember when we defeated you 3 times.Literally 30 moves later lol.What about knights jumping over pieces.Alexander the KIIIIIIIIR.

I’m so scared for you hope your okay good luck.Que jogo mais lixo kkkk sem baianinho no tem graa.OMG this is amazing."Magnus's blunders are other people's good moves.That will be epic.Great as always!

Rupali Patil


Amjad Ali

Great programmerWth 0 communication skills

Opoola MJA

Gods: How did you that horseLoki: Something I would not like to explain

tamar stevens

when black played b5 white could then play b4 and buying time aswell as a couple helpful trades

Mike Stevens

Bravo !I need more texture ideas , and five copies ...they still can be put to work add a candlea low tray of water , as a supplementary heat source, for wrighters fingers ,an safe crackers... C yas

Alpha Beta

But I liked the sound...

lucky bullets

Best commentary tons of giggling = best 2 hrs of my entire day.

Mikhail Tal

the best


I cannot stand whoever is talking. Get to the fucking point already holy shit.

Jayson Ayuban

The intro is definitely ...i dont know...haha

Michael Declet

8:03 the king doesn't kno da wae

Hannah Bergeron

Perfect study and homework music!! Thank you! Also does anyone think that at 4:34 it sounds like Disney's The Lion King?

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Como hubiera querido ese video hace un ao :( grande explicacion

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The firsr one is the best

Mamunur Rashid

tal love your contents