Sicilian Defense - Najdorf Variation

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For me the GOAT is Bobby Fischer unbeatable

For me the GOAT is Bobby Fischer unbeatable

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wccmc must also be the wc of multi-tasking


and all my games end up beeing the london still :(

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Hi im 8x i uploaded lesly gameplay in new mode HAYSAM


Wow i wish i had a teacher like this when i was in school. Great demonstrations.

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I don't care watching the YouTube adds because the content of Smarter Everyday is awesome and it makes me happy knowing that the add is helping him to create more amazing content for us.

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Horrendous chess pun 25:10 I will back my Narjdorf


Oh my word, the light trick is brilliant! I've often wondered how I was gonna know the thickness and where to stop.

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Eric Rosen rules

Rodrigo Smirelli

Nice work my friend.


16 /11/2019