Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Launch Trailer [ES]

I saw this guy at the Institute of Education today!He makes it look easy the way some great MMA fighters make fighting look easy.Biscuits are made to swell up with glue.Can someone explain to me why black is losing at 7:47?Thanks very much for posting agadmator, and for the interesting historical anecdotes.

Is there Fischer Random type Horde Chess?

Is there Fischer Random type Horde Chess?

Something with history.Somethimes the obvious moves are hardest to see.Where did u buy the led light.Sorry about that!It's a good move?The centre of mass is the correct centre.Only after that move, whites defense is hopeless.The Eastern ppl created alcohol, ok.He really thinks he will impose Communism on the US.

2000As he gave 800 to lady200 of the

2000As he gave 800 to lady200 of the

Kasparov zugzwangs karpov in crazy sicilian.Amazing device that I truly would love to own.I might go and try to do this myself, unless someone could point me towards some resources about this topic?Endgame ideas like I said are wide ranging in scope and some ideas are simply that, and are not able to be calculated to a winning position, but you know that you will have chances and you believe it's winning, you just can't give lines until a hard winning position.This came out so freakin' clean and insanely nice!That’s why you’re bad.Where do we get surgrical blade and Wt is the price of the surgrical blade.

Love that thing.

Love that thing.

Karpov had a 1 point lead going into the last game and could not draw the game to re-capture the world championship.This isn't a beginner friendly video.2:10:00 "don't be nervous penguin.Epstein did not kill himself.How taught me how to play chess is my dad he defeated me too many time when I was a Yong boy but know I win 10-1.Wish could had bought a set like that.Pull that cassette player out and live a little.When do the braces come off?Estos muchachos jugaron siempre con mucho sentimientos.What kind of hellspawned dominos have 9 dots on them?

Robert C.

2:55 am here crap lol

Groover Popn

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Jason Paul

Anyone else annoyed by the fact that he's talking 12 coins but there's 13 there for most of the setup?No? Just me?

dylan stack

Ya’ll been poddin lately.


Bishop vs Knight, the knight made a very foolish mistake, NEVER assume your enemy is dead, after a single hit like that, arrogant sod.

Dave DeVault

I was able to drink out of the Stanley Cup when Derek Laplante had it for his time. I friend of mine has a signed picture of him drinking out of it with Derek Laplante holding it. The week before the cup was launched out of a hotel window into the pool. It sunk and bent the bottom ring. It had to be sent back to Canada to be repaired.


So basically, the benefit of the Halloween Gambit is that you have three pawns blitzkrieg-ing through the center of the board.

I, Changeling



The animation for the knight could be better. How about a jumping action over other pieces, you know like in action movies.

NGC 7635

My brain really can’t conceive of how you could arrange the 8 queens 4 billion different ways...I feel like I’d run of ideas after a few hundred.

Soumen Debnath

It's call magic of magician..

Utkarsh Sharma

Knight to c61. Black bishop takes white knight on c6 to prevent checkmate threat of queen to b82. Queen takes black bishop on c6 (check) than king to b8 only safe squ,are3. Rook on d8 (check) black blocks with queen on c8 only legal move4. Rook takes queen checkmateif its correct it is only because of your videos


Holding his cam up is more harder than beating 2700 gmlol

Shaoib Ansari

Superb yaar


The answer is right at the start. The game starts on 3 squares .... there a four potential clones. There will always be one more potential clone than the amount of squares going back to the grids origin.

Pavel Olifer

why you sugessted on 5:25 close king by Bc2, not Nc4?

Shira Ishikawa

No matter how much I love logic and physics and numbers, I still can't wrap my head around mathematical problems like this. Like, what's the point of the problem? What it's use in practical problem?