Sergey Belosheev - Ion Doska

1:59:30 My mood listening to this music while studying.Sempat kita dgn skor 1-1 kemarin haha.2:20 "And just to rub in it, as it wins it flips the leaver back over to say it's my go, TO SUCK"Awkward silence.May be now, but not before Naka.For this lecture we’ve swapped Ben’s Perrier for vodka, let’s see what happens.If you leave it longer the spring back will be zero and if much longer the spring back will be negative check with Curtiss Buchanan.All likes and shares much appreciated!

Should be the one left of the rightmost "1".Hopefully, I will pick it up faster.How much $ is at stake for each player, aside from sponsorships?The mind just slips on occasion.That is just amazing.1384 views, 172 likes, 1 dislike in just 10 minutes of uploading.Siempre he querido aprender.

Why is he always late ?

Why is he always late ?

Great video, very underviewed.Another cool game I saw few years ago was Staunton vs Amant I believe i typed the names correctly.Mr Potkin didn't seem all that impressed.Getting close to 100 episodes!Like Bernstein but on roids.I'm having hard time imagining a more annoying and more useless video!15:28 the queen dead again.Great father,he did everything with his son!

If money is tight,

If money is tight,

3:30 "b5 attacks the queen and the knight,so probably you would move the queen and then you loose the rook and the knight and the agadmator.RIDICULOUS piece!Finally a game with lasker :-).Thank you for this amazing explanation and intuition.Very well explained commented.Does anyone know what the plastic leg pieces that he used during finishing is called?MAGNIFICENT WORK!Blanco of the dead kids.That's a nice hoodie.

I think capablanca is agad favourite player.

I think capablanca is agad favourite player.

Ipood while watching this.Ek like to banta hai sir ji.Love the humor in the videos.He was and is a great man, an admirable person.7, king cant capture anything.6:33 The fight of the titans!Bert just said, "like Doc Hollywood" 6min.I will use an old boot as the mallet to hit the chisel to get started making my actual mallet.There's been nothing done to damage it, and if not for Tysy then it would still be a rusty old POS.

The 2 part series on inlay was

The 2 part series on inlay was

Code Bullet has one as well.EXCELLENT tutorial and was the length it needed to be.Did it hertz a lot?Need confirm of this!Am i only who cannot understand question?Magnus is getting bored."I thought we were running a train" in rap battle "kill confirmed" in Call of duty.This video shows me even experienced guys like you can have fun with it.

Sarmed al ani

great idea


Death by strangulation!


Really some smart moves and great recap as always but I couldn't stop thinking about the dog on the couch. He was like: he won't castle guys )


Mute the sound and enjoy game


I really enjoyed this lecture! Thanks!

Zozef Saitis

Harry Potter for ever


jurassic park: dinosaursfractal being used: dragonlooks like an obvious connection to me.

Professor Baffle

0:35 But does it... D J E N T ?

Gimme Shelter

how on earth can such cultural masterpieces such as these movements receive 212 dislikes?

Anh Pham

Jamie has so many mean coments

Nando Alves


View to a grill

Very nice.Take care.


Our king


What are chess Dynamics ?


How we've progressed. You could say... in a circle.... ba dom tsssh.

Dah Dah

is there pepper spray in there or something what the fuck

Temachtiany Arriaga

Great great! thanks, now I go to make mine!

peter posh

I never watched any chess commentators until I discovered agadmator, additionally my last name is also Tal!

tracey williams

do the mirror thing in toms home

Paul Lukoskie vid a collab w/ Hand Tool Rescue to restore that bench vice? :-) I like this idea and was contemplating something similar. Anything sparky in the wood shop makes me super nervous.