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Can I ask why you choose to a bolt on neck as opposed to a dovetail?You see the picture on the card at 6:46 the tracks on the head are split wide.Hey thanks for the game agadmator.Why are you contradicting yourself.So, which framework is the best?Raja gabisa makan mentri?

These guys are almost doing nothing right right right right right right right right.Its my first cnc mill.(Is that phrase correct?

Your channel is great!This dumb son of a bitch can't teach chess worth shit.WE LOVE OUR PRESIDENT !Name of the song in the intro?In reality the only company that may be hit by this is Nvidia but at the same time Nvidia has CUDA ecosystem.Lol, love the psycho items in the google shopping list.Just make sure to get a paper based type, and check the MSDS for that brand to make sure it's safe to burn.

Nxc1 and then Rd1 forks

Nxc1 and then Rd1 forks

The Spirit of Saint Louis?Million $$$$ worth of tools and such but still a good video.Tai sao lai ln td2.It’s very weird.I love the fact that the thumbnail has a blindfolded Paul Morphy.I have a better strategy the tallest guy says the the hat color of the next guy so that guy knows what color his hat is now if the hat color of the third guy is like his, he says the hat color very loud otherwise he says it quiet then the third guy would understand that his hat color is the opposite.And sir youmade a video for this !Excellent summary.I want to hug him.Well done I just added your chanel on my favourite list.

Women participated in warfare

Women participated in warfare

To sum up: Men think, Women feel.Up until Kevin started discussing the Wannacry cryptoworm attack, he was using and covering information largely based on an individual's key card from the audience.Does that mean bishop change color if they use a portal.Thank you can you make tutorial how to create game like monopoly.Lol at the commenters calling you CheeseNetwork when you kept moving the Queen around to buy time.Cuz its the middle class the Democrats and Marxist socialist really are targeting.GetMouseWorldPosition()) worldMouse Pos (0.Most of the time, when I cannot calculate a variation clearly, I will play a move randomly.

B. Blokzijl

All in psychological warfare

Tux Edo

First time I saw this type of light was about 50 years ago but they used Christmas lights ...on the inside ....()/.

Mohammad Qunbos

You have: a great workshop great tools with dust control a nice family unusual superpower that can move objectsa smiling face at 11:35a mathematical mind.and my mega likes and respect.

Cynly fortunado

This is was so amazing!

Gregory Smith

Why did he give up he could’ve moved his room over to get out of check


I am a 13 years, and I play the clarinet. I hope I someday can play this piece, and maybe half as good as she did. She’s so talented, and she makes it seem easy.

Jamie Q Roberts

I love an early 'sorry about that'. Anyone know what's going on down there? Is it just a bit?


Nowhere has it been mentioned that these exercises must be done blindfolded.. should these exercises be done blindfolded (eyes closed) OR using a pen and paper?

Jacob Billsborough

All I here is you want to make a terminator....... what are you mad?

Chucky H

The guy with the hat is so overconfident

Greg Kieser

I really enjoy your presentation style.....good self deprecating humour.....nice tips too.....keep it up.....

Billy Stacy

This is beyond creative. I don't know a word that expresses how amazed I am to see wood cut and pieced into art like this. you are a true artist Sir

Mimi Pera


Huang Xiaohua

Friend: I. Gonna go very easy on you, a king and a pawn for me onlyMe with a giant army: loses after 5 minute

Donna Tibbits

Just saying Steve Huff is a fraud, Google it.

Joshua Lavender

Woohoo, Vishy!

prasanth t

Nice comment by R.B. Ramesh sir

Crystal Chia

ali is shits .afraid everytime.

Venkat Babu

Circles show symmetrical ratios for surface. Theory of partitions.


Damn!These cost $800! Pretty cool though.

mister metaphor


Larry Hess

A fantastic video tour. You can't imagine how complicated the rocket is until you see this. Great job!

Ian Robertson

Much appreciated.


Can you please create a video of difference between atom ,element,molecule and compound

Alessandro Camerota

Da ascoltare ogni mattina