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Dude Jak his biggest own biggest fan he dont say shit he regular.More than A decade back I learnt from computer I played with computer and today I play on chess.The words aren’t up on the screen long enough for us to read.

When North Korea hits you 9:08.Ben: what kind of excuse is that?1 step derby car: throw unmodified block of pine wood at finish line.

Why trade queens when you're

Why trade queens when you're

What does Jerry mean by "Though you may try to count more, a cat's legs are still four"?It was for the looks eventually.Maybe I'll try it once or twice.So in short Fourier transform describes mathematically something that happens on regular basis.0:39 did that rook just teleported to f7.This is bascially just a Pythagorean Triple machine.Cries in proud tears.I like hiding in the comment when watching scary scene.MagzyBogues, I see Magnus is an NBA fan.

I sacrifice my king to defeat opponents queen.I still felt bad for the murderous woman until ahe killed a fucking 2 year old.Qc7 Qc8 then Rd8 if black plays Rg8 then Qxb7Bb7 after white played Qc7 there are no more option unless black play Bc8 then white should play Nc6then next move is Qb8.Pretty much just summed up the fundamentals of materials Science class.I believe if the children are exposed to cruelty and sex from a young age, by the very people who was supposed to care for them, surely such children will be damaged forever.How did Kasparov not see the Bg7 move?Thanks again Mike!Great video, very helpful.Captions: hii, this is pressure locker.Man 1 sees 2 different hat colors, He knows he either has white or black, If he yells black, he knows man 2 sees white hat in front which leaves him with 2 possibilities and gets them nowhere.

Does theauto reverseunits havestationary 4 trackheads, or two tracks with a soleniod moving them?U ading memes and u have kids!Why he takes kasparov rock.He's using ICC to practice specific openings (d4, Caro-Kann, London System) without being bothered by the publicity his presence would otherwise bring.After rook to d4 what if Botvinnik captures the pawn with knight.Can you tell your name!With 0 at the top?

Answers that are under 5 million:31211874634371499966562181246968711124961281211437461593711749961906212062462218712374962531212687462843712999963156213312463468713624963781213937464093714249964406214562464718714874965031215187465343715499965656215812465968716124966281216437466593716749966906217062467218717374967531217687467843717999968156218312468468718624968781218937469093719249969406219562469718719874961003121101874610343711049996106562110812461096871111249611281211143746115937111749961190621120624612218711237496125312112687461284371129999613156211331246134687113624961378121139374614093711424996144062114562461471871148749615031211518746153437115499961565621158124615968711612496162812116437461659371167499616906211706246172187117374961753121176874617843711799996181562118312461846871186249618781211893746190937119249961940621195624619718711987496200312120187462034371204999620656212081246209687121124962128121214374621593712174996219062122062462221871223749622531212268746228437122999962315621233124623468712362496237812123937462409371242499624406212456246247187124874962503121251874625343712549996256562125812462596871261249626281212643746265937126749962690621270624627218712737496275312127687462784371279999628156212831246284687128624962878121289374629093712924996294062129562462971871298749630031213018746303437130499963065621308124630968713112496312812131437463159371317499631906213206246322187132374963253121326874632843713299996331562133312463346871336249633781213393746340937134249963440621345624634718713487496350312135187463534371354999635656213581246359687136124963628121364374636593713674996369062137062463721871373749637531213768746378437137999963815621383124638468713862496387812138937463909371392499639406213956246397187139874964003121401874640343714049996406562140812464096871411249641281214143746415937141749964190621420624642218714237496425312142687464284371429999643156214331246434687143624964378121439374644093714424996444062144562464471871448749645031214518746453437145499964565621458124645968714612496462812146437464659371467499646906214706246472187147374964753121476874647843714799996481562148312464846871486249648781214893746490937149249964940621495624649718714987496.Cost, and marketing.This is amazing (and cool).The most annoying thing about this video is that he pronounces Soran’s name incorrectly.Bang kalo lawan nya pembukaan prancis partai nya ?That's like every drunk game I've ever played.Nice work I will try and make one or 3.

I am late to the party, but I just bought my first HP less than 6 months ago.I wish I was that good.Love those Vox amps.Congratulations Keep it.I'd love to know the torquewatt performance compared to an axial electric engine common to Tesla and every electric thing.Berlin should be forbidden.

Take care coz we care Duncan Rebecca.Is that horrible ?Even though I don't have the cash to buy the system I want to.The difference between a machine and human had is pretty incredible though.Me: wow 2300 is so strong!He played really well.I thought the question asked you to figure out if you can solve it without assuming that the other person would think in the exact way you do.Only idiot cut freehand.1:38:30 what magnus is actually saying is I'm blue da ba dee da ba daaDa ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daaDa ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa.No other place can be properly described as "super haunted".

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My captions/translator does understand shit lol. Just madness lol.

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super idias


Video starts at 2:25


Only 460.000 followers???You should have 5.000.000!Bravissimo!

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Grats on your music and all but naming any genre post this or that is ridiculous and arrogant. Who the F put you in charge of declaring another genre of music dead? Rock isn't dead. Classical music isn't dead. Country music isn't dead. People can still write new material for all genres. So please, come up with an original name for your genre without trying to declare any other dead!