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Myverse smoking.This is why I love maths -.1:56 it's called slave morality.What kind of threaded inserts and screws did you use.Love the knights duo.Interesting clip just the same.

Qxf8Kxf8Pawn promotes to a queen checkmate If they don’t take after qxf8 and go to d7U just promote and ur up by a bishop.FANUC has left the chat room.You have changed my life by telling is method.After watching this I tried running a simulation against DroidFish (stockfish for android) and the engine simply gave up after I fiercely held on to the pawn with my king.Can you do whats inside airpods.A little trick for you when gluing boards together to keep them from sliding around when you clamp them.Takes 5 mins and 5 machines to make 5 t shirts.

Idk how he got the nickname but I wonder if he was holding back.Im proud to be better then magnus in 1 out of 1000 moves :D.Amazing video Eric!What if alice starts by staying in the same 42 region, as the game started with.11minutes evp don't leave.I never miss any your videos.Best explanation possible.I'm already at row 9 by the way."I know "you can never have too many clamps", but you seem to manage just fine without racks and rack of clamps.

This game is sexyy.Even though I have heard some of what Douglas says like "Give yourself permission to fail", there's something about the way he says it and delivers this message that it just hit me.You put the g pawn in f4, that's why it didn't work.Amazing hearing the World Champions thoughts when he makes a move.Can someone explain to me why at 37:47 black didn’t do room take d1 are they not winning a knight on that.This was my first plane, and I’m happy with it.So that is how you get a date with a women in chess.What did you just do.

What kind of wood

What kind of wood

Does anyone have the link to pattys first yellow house investigation?Hello chess talk thank you for all the videos I have already watched it all I have won many tournaments in my school because of your tips you helped me to become myself once i was a child because I have forgotten to play chess but your tips got me started again so thank you!Do women have any interest in this stuff, if not why not?June 2018 and you didn''t have access to endgame table bases?It almost looks like some type of creature.Where can I see the names of all fair dices?Looks like a kid.This video was amazing!Si alot ang dahilan kung bakit nagpakatawaran ang mama nya at lola.You’ve been BLOCKED.

It's definately either

It's definately either

Is this available for purchase?If I get a rack mount it would be a 2U, but I would get an HP DL380.C om i made over $550 this week with them!Gonna be in my new video!I want these on my desktop.Very very nice didi.Then I observed carefully and noticed how the clock literally goes back up to 12, even though you saw the numbers descend below 12.

I love your sense

I love your sense

I think they pay him extra to drop the webcam a couple of times.I guessed number 2 was correct, but it is great that I didn't consider the new information based on the silence of number 1.When the inside got to final I.I have a question for this guy How Much Steve jobs paid for his logo.Good tips for children or retards.Interesting thought, if you joined the left and right vertices of the first 'open tour' to make a cylinder then it would produce a closed tour.Why he don't move Bb4 x b7 then check?

This is awesome!

This is awesome!

It's hard enough to play Carlsen without having your internet teaming up with him!Do you have courses in udemy?2:21 that look he’s giving me is making me wanna visit a cemetery.Lovely video too!Why do you sound like Houngoungagne?

Eric Cable

He really should not be wearing his wedding ring while working with a lathe


I've had my macbook air for 5 years and I still run all my main adobe apps and cps amazingly well on it. It hasnt betrayed me yet

Iontach Krane

7:01 "Touch move"



Emmanuel Dufour

so many tricks, thanks

K L Verma

Nice bro

Kevin Wellwrought

Carlsen knows this 16 year old Iranian chess genius is his bane.

Francis Porretto

Wait a moment. In the "critical position," if RxR/f2, what about ...Qe1? The only interposition is Rf1, after which ...dxc3 forces Kh1 and ...Qxf1 mate!

Edgar Hovhannisyan

Daniel is there a plan to make the other type of the team chess (2 players vs 2 players on 1 board with no interaction between partners, or 3 vs 3 on 1 board) on chess.com possible?

Bob Villanueva

Not stupid just smART? "EVERY WISH FULFILLED" E.T.


Did he miss Queen h5 check at 6:20?

SumDudeWatchinYT -

Wait so who won lol


Other than for learning purposes, are there any other benefits to using a software rasterisation? (e.g. prototyping)