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Benjamin Franklin didn't domagic squares, he stole it.Can someone please type it here?A couple passes through the planer and it'll be perfect.Boxing was a bad example.Me:places cheese in a circleMe:Makes pentagram Me:starts the ritual You:what are you doing at three am?Every band has to tour North America and, most of the time, Europe to be considered a band who made it.

13:54 I think you meant 1:03.This would serve Myself and My Children well.I can't get enough of this guy.Thanks for sharing Antonio.There are Great Men and there are Good Men, and rarely do the two coincide in a single man I'd submit that Mr.Sounds like anthony hopkins, but really helpful videos, middle game is my big weakness also.How and when it's done ?Keep them comming.

Louis chess club please take note.The only thing I think could've been done better was to mitre the corners of the frame.Does walmart have an insane amount of rules like amazon does?Thanh you and I am going to give it a try.Jangan menangis kalau kalah.11:56 rook e8 is also mate in 3 isnt it?Can i skip the vanilla essence.I HN p in UV TC c.There are total of 4 types of major pieces other than the pawn and king.Why is Carlsen not playing in this championship?

great bullshit video

great bullshit video

Please, u have to make a video of P.I came up with an answer the second he mentioned what the problem was,It was wrong.Christina Mitchell.The problem wstar screws is that most screw drivers are phillips or straight.I'm from the US.Where do you sell these pieces?Eric is THAT super good to beat 1800 rating players so easily.Most typical jobs in the market out there are ones of minimum wage.But of course I have no idea if that's the way he is in person or not.

Rook back to

Rook back to

Thank you for sharing this process!Not bad, I thought it's a low effort brainless project ideas.55 moves with almost no blunders in 1 minute is some high quality chess.The presenter makes a false claim at 11:1 ("you could also go Qh1 check but then Black can prolong with g2"): if Stockfish tells the truth, then Qh1 is a MUCH weaker move then Qc3 (though it's still a winning move).Maybe a replay of the games straight through at the end of the videos?Thanks for a great video.I love how you have dedicated tools and jigs for every aspect as you don't need to change them up for another process which messes up your settings as we had to do often.The X220 is a popular Hackintosh platform.The tom and jerry scene is my favoritebut poor tom, he was just trying to perform.This was so fun.

You are an awesome craftsman.What the hell is wrong with chess players showing chess games?How did he lose I'm confused.I've got a ways to go before I put a lamp on my list, but thanks for showing me how you made this one.Great    Infinite sensitivity.He can dance amazingly, he can draw fantastically and he has an awesome sense of style.I’ve followed you from my other account but decided to make a business account to teach cake and treat designs too!TechTuesday please!Simply stunning."YOU DID THAT" LOL.

Jasper Enaman

There you go.."Citizen Z" is here promoting..

valeria alzamora

donde estabas!!!! eres mi canal favorito

Trap Drip

Great stuff :) Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

Sean Thompson

challenge, make a wood plane without using a wood plane

Wat Dis

Magnus is the chess equivalent of the pinball wizard who plays by sense of smell.

Marlene Serrano

very nice.

Carl F

Should call them SB Honey Badger Shop Monitors..... just for the audiophiles out there.

Sai Kartheek

What if the opponent plays Qe7 after white plays Ng5

Sravan Kumar P

Thanks for the impactful session Prof Kaku will merge thought process.Artificial Intelligence (AI) Human Intelligence (HI) = Figure outs the Dark Energy Matter !Thanks Love from INDIA !!!


Wow! Great job Mike!

Liquid Cancer

I love this man

Mustafa Preeva

Lady prepares the act for the show. Very, very good

Leigh Stevens

Always appreciate the little tidbits of info regarding angles to hold tools. As a novice trying to teach myself i struggle with speeds for various items so any info would be appreciated. Thank you

Ramn Meseguer

Nice job!!


I love the video! I kind of miss the old beginning credits and the music. You do such great stuff though.

Jan Dom

Dude the board you choose sucks.... and the pieces uggg!!!.. but the game is very educative.. just throw in some nice pieces

elyasin JSP

the kid emitted so much stress it hurt... chess should be fun not a torture...


The patterns of peaks and valleys is kind-of symmetrical. There's an odd number of peaks and valleys. The one in the middle is always a valley, and the pattern on the left of the centre is the inverse of the one pattern on the right.Makes sense when you think about how it's made.

shavindra singh

Realllllllly eyeeee openingggg

Christopher Richmond

The other important point about Rc6 is that it prevented the interpolation Bd6.Nice game by Anand.

Ken Dreamer

The mouse sounds and the pieces sounds are like special effects. It enhances the video. Why are people complaining. I like the sound effects.

Mad-Hatter-ison Witkowksi

Geez, poor Kosmicd

Elliott Bork

Too much advertising.


You're tongue-tied at 1:14:37 Jerry, but if you look closely, 69misterfister69 subscribed, and the result between Arka50 and the penguin is 69:69!

RaminPlayZ PR



why was the resin put on then taken off ?

Rydwan Fee

So the whole point of this opening is to eventually transpose to the Qd6 Scandinavian variation to confuse your opponents....Very interesting.


might be a weird question but, obviously the audio is edited, but in actuality how loud is your table saw? mine is just about deafening without hearing protection

vee tour

Women seem to make the most simple things complicated. Just use a knife and cut along the taped seams. Problem solved. Box will be opened in less than thirty seconds.


At 7:28 what do you call it and how do you do it? It's seems fun to play with but can't figure out what it's called

Zil Max

epic now onto micromachining


10:02 "Raise your hand if you want to say something. Don't raise your hand"

Chaellene Perez

I almost died laughing when the commentator said that Aaron Nimzowitch clapping on his grave if the double central paws acquire by Magnus Carlsen