Russia: Batmobile revs its way to Moscow for rare showcase

Hitman holla reference.It’s weird hearing Slash Man’s theme in Super Mario World.I wanna I hate same song.

Maybe their size increases the number of leukocytes?I loved the first set of feet and I hope you kept them for a different project, but you were definitely right the that second set were better for this table.What a beautiful thing.In college I used this to prove that the equation of a line was equivalent to that of a tangent circle if one point on the circle were ignored.

115, 1(158), 1(2316), 1(3924), 1(6332) and so on.I always thought its TILTED ARENA.You are the best and you deserve million subscriberslove from India.Your code used "region" is clear.Wow a real beautiful music.I made it Eric, 6:52:15 :).What is he pouring on the resin at 7:40?Proud to be a South Carolinan.How did the sacrificial side boards help with planing?When you suck them in water.

But since people can't compute like that, there is the chance that a move that seems perfectly logical ends up biting you in the butt some 20 moves later for some unrelated reason.Thanks for your work and for posting.Thank you Gavagan.Js is the BEST FRAMEWORK.You said playing like a piece bishop down so often the commentary became really annoying.

OH WHAT WAS IT I TO HERD THE LOUD NOISE TO SPIRIT LIKES YOU PATTY SAID IT DOES SAYS ITS THERE PLACE SAYS 1905 SAYS HE WILL BE BACK.The solution (rounded up) is 30 and 15 degrees.Just trying to get used to those kinds of lines.Sir that is the reason he's been called "Magician" "Pirate" "Fortune's Favourite" and ofcourse Misha the great.What if Queen goes to e8 after bishop a3?Thank you for making this video.

Yan Lee

Friend: what’s your religion?Me: c h e e s e

Jon Yoder

I’ve been into Astronomy for a long time now and actually drew a picture of the sun with Earths orbit to scale. Had to have a huge paper and the sun had to be really small to get it to work.It always amazes me to think how truly far away each planet is from the sun yet it’s still so powerfully bright and powerful in its influence. Thanks for making this video!Awesome.


My screws were too long and it’s now my jig is attached to my workbench. Now what? Seriously though, great job. Subbed.

Dion Kamil

Impressive! Thank you.


I would have liked to see the effect of bending thinner runners and laminate to see if the checking occurred

Joshua wade

I love your videos! Great tips. I was wondering if you or anyone else could recommend a quality flip bit setup.I like having a drill bit with a countersink on one end and flipping it to drive the screw.Thanks.


Josep Stalin vs Adolf HitlerPlease cover their game.


Absolutely stunning


Hi, Dean Kamen invented the Segway. Jimi Heselden bought the company and died riding one off a cliff.

Gitonga Kelvin

This is the guy NASA should take to Mars to prepare it for human inhabitation.


Near the start of the video an orb fly’s across the room at around 15 seconds

Kelikaku Coutin

I watch Paul Sellars too.Thanks for the great content.Keep up the good work.

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Potang ads yan dala dalawa

Ato Tikhir Lamliu

Wow I just love Ur art craft ...outperformed

Chris johnson

So very good great job


That is such a cool gift for your son. I'd have loved that as a young man.


Hi friend, how are you?The table is nice the fifth model of how much is it and where can I get that wood so Ecuador could give me the measurements and how many millimeters tall is this very nice thanks

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I my gosh I love this I need this for my bedroom

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