My thumb up was the 10.Thanks for a great video as always.God bless stay safe.I'm legitimately wondering is English his first language?At some point he practiced some Persian culture.

Didnt pass any major reform.Forbidden knowledge!NOT a good idea.Look at Ren Stimpy.I can't believe I tried to use a few of their recipes before!

5Lose with either white or black: 0This would encourage both white and black to play more attacking games.Thanks, love it Anna.Im a 10 year old now and i would probably go to my stairs and use it!Naja,dann ist man etwa bei 1000 Euronen,finde Ich schon sehr teuer.My son is an advanced 10 year old in the gifted program at his school, I'm so excited to have found your channel." (Agadmator)- " Hello only One !

Better than hi guys vsauce Michael here.He looks crazy smh.At 14:15 what if black bishop goes a3 white pawn takes and then queen recaptures pawn?Your results will improve dramatically.Wouldn’t that be the bees knees?Best of Suren Punchlines: 1.Thanks again TOT from This Old Thurmond III (TOTIII).It could be helpful.Baianinho em uma jogado encaapava 10 bolas.

(Fast part)I don"t fight fair.The end definitely justifies the build up.The tide has came back in, and the crab slides beneath the shallow waves.I was always told that the bottom should float because it’s completely trapped in the carcass of the box.Linus is Doctor Hackintosh.We have entered in to the endgame!

6:20 i think Qe2 is a force mate in 2 right?Being taught an impractical and fundamentally impossible realm, and then willfully accepting it is blatant retardation.Ned:i grew up in florida.Every once in a while the machine would 'eat' the tape resulting in many feet of un-spooled tape outside of the 8-track.Yoavrox horse lol.

Riza May Barroquillo

Ang gwapo ni Xian

Scam Witness

Reach for what you know you deserve and don't stop, for nothing and no one, until it is achieved. That is the nutshell of all great speeches like this and my own core belief along these lines.

Peter Marszalek

Lincoln needs to go to school


This opens a whole new world of complex, mechanical genius.

Sheba Shirin

2. 5 days


I'm confused. He says there's no explanation yet, but didn't he give it? It's cuz 7825 occurs in two Pythagorean triples. What am I missing?


nakakatawa... naiyak din ako ..

Zakery Clarke



the speed at which he can analyze and recognize is nuts!!

Hassen Basha


Playing Time W/Junior

And I oop Sksksksk

Shahriar Karimi

i will never watch this chanell videos again!! An ADVERT every minute?

reinaldo alfonso seco agulera

i appreciate this kind of music when it was a novelty like happy songs for happy people of mogwai,then explotions in the sky brilliant, but all the rest is just a copy of them with lame names like paint the sky red or those who rides with giants good is an astronaut college kids with an identity problems music

Benny Blanco

As an inquisitive individual...these tests are near impossible considering I cannot question the administer. Not enough parameters were given for me , personally.


how does he do a 10 min match against one of the best in the world and still has time to check out the chat, talk to the audience and do some instructional stuff in between moves??