Round 2 Gibraltar Chess post-game interview with Dorsa Derakhshani

Your clock just ran out -- because i said so.That looks so niceeeeee.This chess board you have made is a beautiful work of craftsmanship.I was hoping you'd get to that!I have one of those plains and in always having to fiddle with the adjustment.Someone plzz reply to this.

That was very entertaining my friend !Es me hum eggs Dal skty h.I'm not seeing what is so cool about this box.Now i can put an smile in my face so i can greet my wife in home.A true MASTERPIECE.Nhng cx ko th nh s dung vi lai cha chc gi i phng i ging nh qun en.Please do more of these Simon.

Omg, what a disrupting

Omg, what a disrupting

That is the best !Correct me if wrong.I'm super happy about this new version of the Nintendo DS, where can I buy it?I can't imagine how much business they are losing.Absolutely beautiful.Morsa porq suenas como Carlos villagran, no como Kiko,ojoo.Rfb1 queen trap!9:01 yes, you want to give a German Gift for your "friend".Really loved him in Shock and Awe s.

0:09 my man

0:09 my man

Very helpfull video!Keep up the good work!Karpov plays (at least the games I saw) very structured.If qd5 then simply nc6.U just gotta resign vs ben."why did the pawn cross the board?

They move randomly.

They move randomly.

I find this fascinating and I want to know more!Ad c link dowload game c vua ging ad ko.(I understand the pressure pot is to get the bubbles out).Love it when you guys are together Moe.Bhai thanks alot hindi mei hai azaa aa gya yusper black is beeter completely aur mai soch rha thaa ki mai first hoon first viewer to commentate on this vidoe toh apka reply aayega.Exceptional style, balance and harmony.It makes life much easier.I take it Fischer was black.Many times robert is patient and then after danny finished his thought, he takes the idea down and gives an insightful explanation.Each one cancels the other out and you are left with zero, no value.

4THECRAFT: Mate, maybe try to put the chains inside the tube with acryl, so you don't need to glue it after?Will be back for more.Fisher is the definition of the American Democracy and constitution.I didn't get that part.If you want a positive connection, get yourself some square head screws.I really enjoyed this.


I don’t play chess but I enjoy watching it from time to time. At 3:22, how did he take the pawn on B4 with his pawn on A4? I must be missing something?


yes good to see.............BUT too bloody quick !!I would have appreciated a longer slowed down version


well done . emphasize the trap, and perhaps slow it down. excellent !

Derek Smith

Don’t worry one day someone will use the Evans gambit

Tracy Miller

Stockfish is incredible.So are Houdini and Komodo and Fire. I love playing these computer vs computer matches, too. It's a cool peek into different types of algorithms.

Ariana l'ope

Que triste es esa cancin

Koopi Aceh

E4 is stronger than D4


How we've progressed. You could say... in a circle.... ba dom tsssh.

David Lerner

From professionals like Ted I’d expect to be more accurate when animating chess positions, a couple of times you demonstrated an illegal position which is unfortunate and disappointing.


I'd love to see the CAM for this

Tim Davey

forgive me for asking because I know nothing about block planes, but would a belt or disc sander do a similar jobthank youtim

Satyam Tiwari

Good game

g bonita

Nice job - woodworking is about using the right species to get the expected results and durability